Angry and Frustrated at WuFlu Confusion

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Many of us are angry and frustrated at the uncertainty, fear, and vulnerability we feel—not just from having a new virus introduced into our environment but from the sense that we are being “handled.” That we might be mistaken as weak and willing to give up our self-governance, our autonomy, and authority over our health choices.

If you aren’t angry or frustrated, I’m worried about you! This is, after all, the first time in history we have quarantined not just the sick but the healthy as well.

As a dear friend puts it, “We are frustrated by trying to wrestle disparate data and interpretations into something coherent and actionable. What should be truthful ways to find actionable info seem totally convoluted, rigged, and/or biased. If they weren’t, there’d be a lot less confusion and a lot more coherence in public policy. I’m not risk-averse, but I have a tough time even assessing risk here because of these disparities.”

Many of us react with anger and frustration when we experience firsthand how the medical world deals with illness. Those priests in white coats are so orderly, so educated, so skilled with their rituals of sterilization, with their knives and their potions.

But ask them, “What creates health?”

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This is when you find their thinking is all over the place. They have no core, no guiding principles. They do not connect the dots between their own scientific research studies. Funding gets in the way of integrity. Politics get in the way of everything. And on and on goes the unraveling of their mythological brand of modern medicine.

Dr. Royal Lee was rejected by the medical and governmental authorities for simply presenting their own studies and research. He demonstrated how right those studies were, and his core principles of health were validated repeatedly by their research but still ignored. Dr. Lee went on to create products that made people well. And over the course of his four-decades’ long career, they just about killed him for it with relentless attacks on him and his work.

Nothing has changed. Nothing. We are seeing this in today’s statistical chaos and policy confusion—in their inability to put together a coherent whole picture based on actual facts and good science. How can they guide us through a new virus when they are rarely successful at guiding anyone or anything to do with health or disease care? They have spent their time disparaging the proven science instead of employing it in the field.

As to how people in this country respond and deal with this new virus, ha! We are a nation of risk takers. We will not be shut up in our homes because it’s risky out there. When it became clear that this virus is not going to kill millions (as the first British modeler claimed), that the NIH, WHO, and CDC are only acting like they know what to do, that the numbers are skewed, and that the contradictions are legion, every self-respecting businessperson couldn’t wait to open up and get back to their livelihoods. Except, of course, the proponents of a dystopian future who want America shuttered and permanently masked. (If the Soviet Union had only realized how easily this could be done…)

The jig was truly up when the media and politicians declared that massive numbers of protesters and rioters would not spread the virus…but going to the beach, the park, or to work would be deadly.

one muscular handicapped man starting line with legs prosthesis in silhouette on white backgroundYes, some are afraid because they are already ill. But the ill must always take precautions. I’m talking about the average person who gets up and goes to work every day during flu season, blizzards, in a wheelchair, with a heart condition, whatever. To most of the people who make this country run, a new virus is just another intersection to cross on the highway of life.

Some have tried very hard to track the data and figure out exactly what the dangers are and how to best protect themselves and their families. I hate to see them frustrate themselves trying to wrestle this mess into something understandable. The coherent thinking that they try to apply here will not yield much because most of the information we are given is mercurial.

We must all make our peace with it and instead find what works for ourselves and our families. As always, the paramount focus should be on how to secure our health so that we have the strength to live strong in the face of these challenges. Deploy your reasoning on your precious personal world where it will do the most good. What you know about wholistic health is not supported by the methods, perspective, or information in the medical world. That’s just the way it is.

One of the ways Dr. Lee made critical health knowledge available to the public was via his doctors’ newsletter, Applied Trophology (AT). First published in 1957, the AT newsletter continued after his death in 1967 until 1979.

The editors at Selene River Press are busy getting the entirety of the Applied Trophology newsletter onto the SRP Historical Archives —itself a treasury of free and vital information from the pioneers of nutrition science. Already, several years’ worth of the Applied Trophology newsletter is available. And, like everything in our vast Historical Archives, each issue is free, searchable, and printable. The project is not yet complete, but the table of contents of each issue will be included to make it easier to find topics.

Today, a virus is under the public microscope. The common cold is also a virus, a rhinovirus. And somehow that fact is supposed to explain what causes the common cold. But the September 1957 issue of Applied Trophology illustrates the depth to which Dr. Lee takes such a discussion:

“Science tells us that the common cold is a viral infection, but that is a poor substitute for more specific information. A specific virus is known to cause disease conditions as diverse as fever blisters, smallpox, cancer, and poliomyelitis. So maybe the real cause is malnutrition, because the fever blister virus (herpes simplex) is not capable of inflicting its vengeance on us unless our bloodstream becomes depleted in calcium bicarbonate—secondarily to sunburn, low calcium diet, or calcium precipitation by reason of alkalosis or from the excessive use of refined sugar.”

In other words, a virus is not the cause of a condition. A virus is what shows up as a result, a sign or symptom that something is missing. As Albert Szent-Györgyi said, “A vitamin is a substance that will kill you if you don’t eat it.”

Nutrients are keys that unlock the action of healthy biological function. There is no substitute. They are either in your body, and health is created, or they are not, and health is destroyed.

In the above article, Dr. Lee proceeds to cite the science that, at once, spurs his thinking and supports his position. Today, the evidence that intracellular calcium and blood ionized calcium levels are the prime determinants of host susceptibility to a virus is overwhelming in the literature. Has been for decades. The medical community’s ignorance of this knowledge is heinously depraved. The only explanation? Well, no pharmaceutical company has ever made billions fighting a viral pandemic with calcium.

In the morning, the owner of a small business shop came to open the shop.Think of it. Think of all the ways that Western civilization undertakes to destroy their dietary calcium and their body’s reserve calcium: refined white sugar, highly refined carbohydrate diets, pasteurization and homogenization of dairy, to name a few. Plus, along with calcium, there are a half-dozen other nutrients that regulate the flow of calcium throughout the body. Why wouldn’t many of us feel vulnerable? On this bankrupt diet we are weak and vulnerable.

As you study Dr. Lee’s relentless broadcasting of this lifesaving knowledge, you will find not a single reason for any citizen to suffer from this fraud—except our own lazy ignorance.

Visit the Applied Trophotherapy archive, and in each issue you will discover at least one fact that will improve your life and health right now. You will find honest science with depth and integrity. You will find real answers that solve problems—not fake answers that mystify our logical minds and create yet more problems.

Arming yourself with wholistic principles based in reality is the only way to counter the willful ignorance and unrepentant betrayal of the public health.

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  1. Duane says:

    Love, love , love this article! Thanks Stephanie! Can’t wait for the additional AT posts.

  2. Stephanie says:

    So glad you find it helpful, Duane! Be sure to tell us what you think of the AT archive.

  3. Jonathan Robinson says:

    It’s about time someone told the truth about this pandemic. very well done, now how do we get this information out to the public?

  4. Stephanie says:

    You can get it out there by sending a link to the post to your friends and family. And read our information, put it into practice, and you will eventually be an example and able to teach others about it. We are all about making this information public, connecting people to the life-giving legacy that Dr. Lee and others left to us. Take it up and move forward!

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