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The Alternative Medicine Cabinet for Your Pet: What’s on Your Shelf?

As a responsible pet parent, you know it’s important to keep certain items on hand in case of emergencies and in situations where you cannot get your pet to the veterinarian right away. I keep a number of products in my medicine cabinet for my own dogs. And as a dedicated advocate of Standard Process, […]

Rescuing the Rescue Dog or Cat

Have you ever adopted an animal from a shelter or rescue group? Ever found a stray on the street to bring to your forever home? Well I have. When I was seven years old and out shopping with my mom, we ran into a pen of puppies that a local shelter was putting up for […]

Summertime Hot Dogs

It may already be August, but we still have plenty of hot, sunny days before summertime is officially over. Like any other season of the year, summer brings unique pleasures and potential hazards for our four-legged family members. Just like humans, dogs can get sunburned from excessive sun exposure. However, some dogs are more predisposed […]

Quality of Life: Saying Goodbye to Your Pet

One of the hardest decisions pet owners have to make is deciding when it’s time to put their companions to sleep. But addressing the topic and discussing your options while your pet is still healthy will make it that much easier when the time comes around. I recommend that you start by making a list […]

Alternative Modalities in Veterinary Medicine Today

Remember when a trip to the veterinary clinic would focus mainly on topics such as vaccinations and fecal exams? Well, today’s veterinarians are more aware of alternative care than ever before. Veterinarians, just like their counterparts in human medicine, now provide acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser treatment, stem cell treatment…the list goes on and on. Why, […]

5 Top Tips for a Safe Dog Park Visit

Dog park

Dog parks are a popular solution for ever-growing cities with ever more restrictive leash laws. And you’ll find that taking your pet to the dog park has many benefits, including social interaction (for both of you), plus physical and mental stimulation. Some dog parks are even known for building strong communities. Unfortunately, although dog parks […]

The Weight Loss Triad for Your Pet

Big dog

None of us like to hear that our pets are overweight—or that they may potentially develop a serious medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or osteoarthritis pain as a result. But the truth is, many of us don’t even realize it when our pet is overweight. For example, according to the Association for Pet […]

Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

Cat and Christmas tree

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! I love spending time with my family and friends and taking in the Christmas lights and decorations, the gala of food, and the joy of the Christmas spirit. However, in the midst of all the excitement, many pet owners don’t recognize the hazards our furry friends can […]

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Sad dog

The loss of a pet can be devastating and, at times, unbearable. It’s a natural process to grieve over losing a dear family member, whether that family member is two-legged or four-legged. The grieving process happens gradually. It can’t be forced or hurried—there is no “normal” timetable. Some people start to feel better in weeks […]

The Torment of Pet Itch

dog lying on grass

Ugh! My dog won’t quit licking and itching. Have you ever had to deal with a pet that had a persistent itch or wouldn’t quit licking or grooming? Well, take comfort—you’re not alone. This problem can be unbearably frustrating for owners and, at times, painful for our pets. They’re susceptible to skin infections, parasites, allergies, […]

A Healthy Pet for Life

It’s that time again. Now that the New Year is upon us, we’re making resolutions to improve our diet, get more exercise, and take better care of our families—but sometimes we forget about our four-legged family members. When it comes to giving our pets the nutritional support they need to enjoy long, healthy lives, where […]

Overstressed Pets

Stress is something we humans deal with every day. But let’s stop and think about our pets.  Do they have stress in their lives? If so, what types of stress do they deal with?  There’s a quote that goes: Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee […]

Think Beyond the Bowl

Pet foods don’t give your animals all the nutrition they need! How do I know this? As a veterinary technician, I meet with hundreds of experienced veterinarians in Colorado and throughout the country. Most of them tell me they’re encountering more cases of allergies, GI problems, and cancer today than they did 20 years ago. […]