The Top 10 Prescription Drugs: Natural Alternatives and Strategies for Holistic Doctors

The Top 10 Prescription Drugs: Natural Alternatives and Strategies for Holistic Doctors
Product Code: A9040
Presenter: Dr. Michael Dobbins
Format: Set of 7 audio CDs plus 1 CD-ROM
Publisher: Selene River Press, Inc.
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Price: $79.00

Every day, patients come to Dr. Michael Dobbins's office in California seeking natural healthcare approaches to problems for which prescription medicines have failed to correct the underlying problem. In this special seminar, Dobbins covers his most successful alternative approaches to the use of America's "top ten" drugs based on his experience, research, and biochemical rationale. Dobbins's expansive knowledge of nutritional and herbal approaches have earned him a reputation as a "doctor's doctor" and made him one of the most sought-after presenters in the U.S. and abroad.

Includes seven audio CDs and one CD-ROM containing all handouts, references, and a PDF of the entire presentation.

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