Applied Trophology, Vol. 1, No. 2: Acidosis and Alkalosis; New Aid for Incurable Disease; Chlorophyll Ointment in Decubitus Ulcers; Choline in Liver Metabolism; Effects on Bile Flow of Choline; Pancreas and Cholesterol; Potassium in Bulbar Poliomyelitis; Tip of the Month (High Blood pH)

Contents in Volume 1, Number 2 (February 1957): Acidosis and Alkalosis, New Aid for Incurable Disease Told, Chlorophyll Ointment Heals Decubitus Ulcers, Choline Prevents Fatty Change and Cirrhosis in the Livers of Dogs Subjected to Hypophysectomy and Thyroidectomy, Lipid Content and Volume of Bile Secreted by Choline-Deficient Rats with Fatty Livers, Items of Interest (The […]