Who We Are

We provide health practitioners with educational and training materials in the art and science of nutrition therapeutics. And we provide patient support, via books and media, to give everyone a way to apply holistic nutrition in their daily lives.

For over 30 years, Selene River Press has been the leader in nutrition education for health practitioners and self-help readers alike. In an age dominated by fads, miracle diets, and other misinformation, our goal is to help readers get beyond this confusion by offering resources rooted in nutrition’s original principles, as revealed by the field’s first researchers.

These pioneers, led by the brilliant Dr. Royal Lee, showed that most degenerative illness such as heart disease and cancer is the result of malnutrition at the hand of processed and synthetic foods. This simple truth, demonstrated so clearly in the early 1900s, was largely forgotten as industrial foods replaced real ones in America.

Dr. Lee warned that if Americans continued to eat such deficient foods, they would become progressively weaker with each generation until they were suffering exactly the kind of widespread illness we see today. In addition to the primacy of whole foods as the foundation of good health, SRP resources teach these keys of Dr. Lee’s philosophy:

  • Food must be grown in healthy soil. While whole, unadulterated food is paramount for good health, it’s critical that this plant and animal food be raised on healthy soil. This means choosing organically grown foods, since most conventional foods are harvested from soil that is highly deficient in trace minerals, mycorrhizal fungi, and other factors critical for health.
  • The effects of malnutrition are passed on. In the 1930s, Drs. Weston Price and Francis Pottenger, Jr., showed irrefutably that malnutrition not only damages the health of an individual, but its effects are passed on to any child the individual may have in the future. While classic genetics scoffed at this idea for decades, the new science of epigenetics has roundly confirmed the reality of “inherited malnutrition.”
  • Dietary supplements must also be made from food. Thanks to food processing and poor soils, most Americans would benefit greatly from supplementing their diet with some concentrated nutrition. But just as the food we eat must be whole, so must be the supplements we take. Only vitamins as found in food—whole and intact—can truly nourish the body. Synthetic and isolated vitamin fractions, and antioxidants, are not nutrients.
  • Each individual is biochemically unique. “One man’s food is another’s poison,” the old saying goes. Yet modern nutrition seems bent on insisting that there is a single diet ideal for everyone. This is simply not so. As early nutrition researchers showed, requirements for specific nutrients vary greatly among individuals. Only by learning the foundations of nutrition and then tuning in to which foods and supplements are best for your body can you truly put nutrition to work.

SRP’s editorial staff is not only trained in these essential principles, we have a collective experience of applying Dr. Lee’s philosophy that spans more than 80 years. We select our authors, books, media, and other resources based on this real-life know how.

Moreover, at SeleneRiverPress.com, readers can learn nutrition’s first principles straight from the horse’s mouth. Our Historical Archives offer hundreds of foundational papers and commentaries—free, as PDF downloads—from the early days of nutrition research. These articles, as you will see, were years ahead of their time and are as true and relevant today as ever.

Industrial foods have dominated the market for so long that Americans have lost the instinct to identify foods that are healthful. But, given the tools, we can revive this instinct. With the free choice of a self-educated public, we can push to adopt methods of husbandry, agriculture, and nutrition that nourish human health, preserve the life of the planet and its creatures, and halt the tragic degradation of our genetic and physiological integrity.

We welcome you to join us in a commitment to our children and grandchildren to ensure that the causes of health become common knowledge in their lifetime.

Stephanie Selene Anderson

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Selene River Press

A Note About Our Products: Although we strive to select resources thoroughly in line with Dr. Lee’s philosophy, not all products meet every single standard. Often a resource offers such great information overall that its net value far outweighs the one or two points with which we disagree. In such cases of disagreement, we provide our viewpoint in the item description.