How do I read the mercury thermometer?

Mercury thermometers can be notoriously hard to read especially if you have not used one before. Start by holding the thermometer between your finger and thumb. Turn the thermometer so that the side you’d read, either Celsius or Fahrenheit, is facing toward you

Slowly turn the thermometer back and forth until the silver/black line becomes visible. An easy way to start is to look for the bubble above the silver tip side and then move your eye along the line a bit as you slowly rotate the thermometer until the mercury line becomes clear.

Keep in mind, it does take a little bit for mercury thermometers to show the proper temperature after placement, usually 2-4 minutes. It is best to shake the thermometer in a downward motion a few times towards the base so that the mercury in it can settle into proper place after shipment.

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Where do your mercury thermometers come from?

They are manufactured and imported from India. This is due to FDA regulations and restrictions on the production of mercury thermometers in the US.

Why does shipping cost so much?

Our shipping cost is pretty simple math: the USPS base shipping for a 1lb item starts at $6.92 depending on location. A small amount is added for the packaging cost and labor to pack your products. We also include a minimum amount of insurance and tracking to ensure your products arrive at your door safely.

What are the Historical Archives and how do I use them?

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How do I unzip my downloads?

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