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Spring Detox Time for Body and Home

Hello and happy spring! Spring is such a wonderful time of year full of new life, fresh colors, wonderous rain, relaxing weather and the ever-so-popular spring cleaning. But have you ever thought of spring cleaning your body? What a perfect way to embrace the new season after all those bundled-up hibernation months of winter. I’m […]

KISS Part 2:
Tips for Your Health Goals Success

Hello again! My last post focused on the KISS method for child health, and today I want to expand on that concept for ourselves. In the spirit of simplicity, I’m back with more tips to help you weave health and happiness seamlessly into your daily routine. So, let’s keep the ball rolling with some straightforward, […]

Celebrating Heart Health Awareness

Hello everyone! Although this video was originally recorded in February for Heart Health Awareness month, I wanted to spread it through March as well since heart health should always be top of mind. As we embrace the month of love, let’s also highlight an equally important aspect that often doesn’t get enough attention: heart health […]

It’s Time to KISS:
Tips to Bring Health into Your Kids’ Daily Life

In thinking about my post for today I remembered a line I heard in some movie somewhere. I don’t remember the context, but I clearly can hear the character stating, “Keep it simple, stupid.” What an intriguing concept! In my effort to find the origins of this phrase, I learned that it comes from the […]

How Standard Process Supplements Gave My Arthritic Pooch a New ‘Leash’ on Life

My daily life is part of the ‘paw’some world of canine companionship where wagging tails and wet noses reign supreme! I’ve always had a deep love of animals, dogs being at the top of the totem pole. My four fur babies aren’t just pets; they’re bona fide members of my family. I’ve always preached that […]

SRP Product Review:
Udderly Cultured

Hey everyone, it’s Danielle again. For my product review today, I am utterly delighted to share with you one of my absolute top products at Selene River Press, Udderly Culture: The Art of Milk Fermentation by Phyllis Quinn. This book is extra near and dear to my heart because a little over a year ago, […]

SRP Product Review:
Untold Story of Milk

Hey everyone, it’s Danielle, the managing editor for Selene River Press. For my product review today I want to talk about a very important book called The Untold Story of Milk. I love this book is by Dr. Schmidt. This book talks about and chronicles the role that milk has played in our society, from […]

Back to School for Doctors 2023
Nutrition and Physical Regeneration

Last weekend Selene River Press hosted the 2023 Back to School for Doctors and what a great turnout! Sponsored by Standard Process, Inc., BTSfD is an amazing event where hundreds of practitioners from all over the country come to hear Mark Anderson’s inspiring updates on specific wholistic nutritional health topics. Some fun facts about BTS: […]

SRP Staff Review:
Nourishing Healthy Babies

Hello everyone, welcome to the Selene River Press staff reviews. These are a series of short videos where we as staff members get to talk about some of our favorite products at Selene River Press. Today, I am here with Harper, my new baby. I am Danielle, I’m the managing editor for Selene River Press, […]

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays from SRP

During this beautiful holiday season, we as the SRP staff wanted to pause and say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy Holidays to you and yours! We are so grateful to work with like-minded, caring people who strive with us to spread the truth about health and nutrition. We are honored to be carrying on […]

Check Out Danielle’s SRP Merch Walkthrough

For her lates product overview, SRP managing editor Danielle LeBaron introduces readers to one of our awesome new product features—SRP merch! On her video, Danielle scrolls through a variety of new products, ranging from the whimsical to the useful. We’ve got mugs, snack bags, stickers, clipboards, cups, sweatshirts and T-shirts in a range of colors, […]

Staff Review:
Prenatal Nutrition, Men in Kitchens, Trophia, and More

Hey everyone, Danielle here. I’m the managing editor for Selena River Press, and for my book review video today, I wanted to do something a little different and go over a few of our products in different categories that are great for different audiences. The first one I want to talk about is Prenatal Nutrition […]

Staff Review:
Gallbladder Matters
Keep Yours for Life

Hi there, and welcome to Selene River Press Staff Reviews, a series of short videos where we highlight some of our favorite products. I’m Danielle, the managing editor at Selene River Press, and today I want to talk to you about Gallbladder Matters: Keep Yours for Life by Katherine and Dr. Richard Sarchenko. As somebody […]

Staff Review:
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!
by Stephanie Selene Anderson

Hi and welcome to Selene River Press Staff Reviews, a series of short videos highlighting some of our favorite products. I’m Danielle, managing editor at Selene River Press for the last five years. Today I want to talk to you about Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Guide to Healthy Food Shopping by Stephanie […]

Gardening Part III:
Growth (Figurative and Literal)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my gardening adventures—and I have plenty to update! The theme of my last two gardening posts was about if gardening is worth it, in terms of effort, time, and money. My conclusion was a resounding yes! Now, a few years and one move later, my knowledge has […]