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Men in Kitchens:
4 Minutes to a Perfect Poached Egg

When I cowrote Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard, I deliberately steered far away from poached eggs. For years, I believed that the wonderfully gooey and dynamic delights of poached eggs were out of reach. Whenever I tried, the eggs became a sticky soup of yolk and whites stuck to whatever duct-taped […]

Men in Kitchens Recipe:
Grilled Pizza

Grilled Pizza

The game is on in a few hours, and you’re craving the ultimate in savory game day treats: a journey with Italy’s finest invention—no, not the Ferrari—the pizza. Do you reach for the phone and dial up your local fast food pizza delivery joint? Hell no. That sorry, soggy slush of oil, cheese, and (hopefully) […]