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Organ Meats Are Offal Good

Grilled foie gras and vegetables in a savory broth. I remember watching Dances with Wolves during my childhood—particularly the scene where Lieutenant Dunbar participates in a hunt for “Tatanka,” or wild bison. After the kill, one of the Lakota warriors cuts open the fallen bison, pulls out its warm heart, and offers it to the […]

Tuna: Source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids or Cause of Mercury Poisoning?

Ever hear this: “I don’t eat tuna because of the risk of mercury poisoning”? Many clients enter our clinic with symptoms of mercury toxicity. They also show signs of essential fatty acid deficiency, especially of the omega-3s commonly found in tuna and other saltwater fish. So what’s a person to do? Let’s clear the air […]

Wheat: Staff of Life or Cause of Gluten Sensitivity?

Ever hear, “I’m gluten free” or “I have adult-onset celiac disease”? Gluten-free this, gluten-free that…for the love of god! I thought bread was a nourishing staple. When it was properly prepared, which means germinated and fermented, wheat bread was once the staff of life, providing nourishing sustenance for thousands of people. But in recent years, […]