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In Case You Missed It:
Looking Back on the SRP Blog’s Top 10

We looked back at our website stats to find the most popular posts over the last few years. They may surprise you—but not because they were trendy or short-lived. Rather, it’s because Selene River Press is consistently a place for timeless nutrition and health advice that can help you age as gracefully as the information […]

Product Spotlight:
Why Your Doctor Offers Nutritional Supplements

This month Selene River Press shines the spotlight on Why Your Doctor Offers Nutritional Supplements by Stephanie Selene Anderson with Mark R. Anderson, now in its fourth edition. Which begs the question…why does your doctor offer nutritional supplements? There’s not one answer; Anderson lays out an entire ecosystem of them. It begins once upon a […]

Product Spotlight:
It’s Never Too Late to Sleep Like a Baby

Psst…how’s your sleep? If you’re exhausted, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans, as many as one-third of us, are sleep deprived in one way or another, and it’s seriously messing with our health. The consequences of sleep deprivation range from the obvious (tiredness, mental distress, poor cognitive function) to the surprisingly dire (heart disease, diabetes, […]

Prenatal Nutrition and Birth Defects:
The Hereditary Catastrophe of Nutritional Deficiency

Prenatal Nutrition and Birth Defects is an essential new booklet from SRP that tackles one of the most fundamental problems in today’s America: the continued genetic destruction of our progeny. In just a few information-packed pages, Mark R. Anderson connects the dots between abnormalities in the developing fetus (which are frequently revealed later in life) […]

Rediscover Two Essential Cookbooks from SRP

Imagine preparing your family a slow cooked masterpiece on a cold winter’s night. Or whipping up your first batch of homemade kefir, yogurt, butter, or cheese come a leisurely weekend afternoon. Which would you rather do? Happily, there’s no need to choose. With Chef Phyllis Quinn’s Slow Cook Gourmet and Udderly Cultured at your disposal, […]

Food Myths Take a Blow with Two New Books from SRP

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride—author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome and creator of the GAPS healing protocol—is back with two more deeply researched and thoughtfully written books exploring the intersection between food and health: Vegetarianism Explained – An essential read for anyone following (or considering) a plant based diet. Dr. Campbell-McBride turns her focus to the value […]

Introducing New On Demand Videos from SRP

We’ve got great news for holistic health providers: SRP has just added three new titles to our on demand series at That means you can watch the following essential presentations on any device. Anytime. Anywhere. A Review of Mark Anderson’s BTS 2015 Seminar: Cardiovascular Endurance, Performance & Maintenance – Dr. Michael Gaeta A Review […]

The Many Sides of Dr. Royal Lee

A Close-Up of Dr. Royal Lee

In 1964, the famous cutting-edge journal Clinical Physiology published a meticulously researched article titled A Close-Up of Dr. Royal Lee: A Many-Sided Genius. Fascinating in both detail and scope, it told the story of how an unassuming Wisconsin farm boy became one of the most acclaimed nutritionists of the twentieth century. Dr. Lee helped create […]

The Keppel Method: Endocrine System, Featuring Lowell Keppel, DC

Continue your practitioner education with Dr. Lowell Keppel’s ongoing modular series “The Keppel Method.” On April 29, Dr. Keppel will present the fourth module in the series, “Endocrine System.” The Endocrine System module explores what signs to look for when doing Muscle Response Testing and recommends specific supplements to give patients who experience weakness in […]

Functional Veterinary Nutrition: A Clinician’s Review of Cases and Protocols, Featuring Tom Cameron, DVM

Join other veterinary practitioners for a day of learning about whole food nutrition strategies that help your clients’ furry family members. Tom Cameron, DVM, presents “Functional Veterinary Nutrition: A Clinician’s Review of Cases and Protocols.” There are three dates and three separate Colorado locations for this important seminar: April 4, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., […]

Nutritional & Herbal Strategies for Critical Systems: Optimizing Digestive & Nervous System Health

It’s that time again! Discover the power of herbal medicine with Lee Carroll. Clear your calendars because you don’t want to miss this. As one of the foremost authorities on MediHerb, the Australian-based partner company of Standard Process, Carroll has an impressive repertoire of knowledge in the area of clinical applications of evidence-based herbal medicine. […]

The Keppel Method: Digestive and Minerals, Featuring Lowell Keppel, DC

Continue your practitioner education with Dr. Lowell Keppel’s ongoing modular series “Muscle Response Analysis.” On February 25, Dr. Keppel will present the third module in the series, Digestive and Minerals. Digestive and Minerals explores what signs to look for when doing Muscle Response Testing and recommends specific supplements to give patients who experience weakness in […]

Healing a Broken Heart: Nutritional Foundations: A Collaborative Approach, Featuring Mark Anderson, John Bennett, DC, and Nicole Eckman, RD

Don’t miss a beat! Get to the heart of the matter with this upcoming January seminar at the Embassy Suits in Loveland, Colorado, featuring three amazing speakers highlighting heart health. Mark Anderson, John Bennett, and Nicole Eckman each bring their expertise to the table on this timeless topic. This seminar will teach you how to […]

Muscle Response Analysis: Organs & Immune System, Featuring Lowell Keppel, DC

Sharpen your skills as a practitioner with this upcoming seminar! Dr. Lowell Keppel shares thirty years of experience in his ongoing modular series “Muscle Response Analysis.” On December 10, Dr. Keppel will present “Organs & Immune System,” the second module in the series. Organs & Immune System explores what signs to look for when doing […]

Your Gallbladder Matters

Each year in the United States, far and away the most common elective abdominal surgery is gallbladder removal. This is in large part due to the advent of a minimally invasive procedure known as the laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1987. Ever since then, the number of surgeries performed annually has continued to rise—even among pregnant women, […]

Foundations of Trophotherapy III: Exposing the Diet-Cancer Connection

Introducing the important third volume in our groundbreaking Foundations of Trophotherapy series. Five chapters. Nine articles. Supplementary excerpts and commentary from Dr. Royal Lee. Resources for further study. All of it shining a spotlight  on the diet-cancer connection as seen through the view of some of the twentieth century’s foremost researchers of nutrition. Indeed, Book […]

Classic Titles for Modern Times: New MP3s from SRP

MP3 products

Ready, set, download! Select products from Selene River Press are now available as downloadable MP3s, and we’re hard at work to bring you more in the coming weeks and months. For now, you can start with some of our core audio titles. Previously only available as CDs, you won’t find this profoundly important work anywhere […]