Non-Nutritive Physiological Remedies Pioneered by Dr. Royal Lee

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In this nearly nine-hour webinar sponsored by Selene River Press and Standard Process West, you will experience the enduring wisdom of Dr. Royal Lee as taught by Mark R. Anderson and Lowell Keppel, DC. With a focus on therapeutic formulas derived from nature, these tried-and-true physiological remedies and in-office testing demonstrations are designed to improve the patient’s physiology and give the doctor an edge. Add to your assessment resources and broaden the scope of your holistic armamentarium with this essential resource.

Program highlights:

  • Tried-and-true physiological remedies tried and true and developed by Dr. Lee.
  • Scientific validation of natural and therapeutic approaches.
  • Nutritional tests that expose deficiencies and help set priorities.
  • Specific tests to support organ and functional system performance.

Author: Mark R. Anderson and Lowell Keppel, DC
Running time: 8 hours, 39 minutes
Available Formats: E-Learning

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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is an author, researcher, gentleman farmer, and owner of Standard Process West, Inc. He has been educating health professionals from all branches of the healing arts in the science and skills of therapeutic nutrition for almost 50 years. His foundation is the compiled works of Dr. Royal Lee, and his lectures are steeped in current peer-reviewed scientific studies and principles. He is also the heart and soul of Back to School for Doctors, the largest whole food nutrition conference in the US, held every year in Denver for over 3 decades.

For five decades now, Mark Anderson has been with Standard Process, training health professionals from all branches of the healing arts in the science of nutritional therapeutics. Along with the legendary holistic pioneer Bernard Jensen, Mark co-authored the critically acclaimed Empty Harvest: Understanding the Link Between Our Food, Our Immunity, and Our Planet.

Mark compiled, edited, and published three volumes from the works of Dr. Royal Lee, the “father of nutritional therapeutics.” He also developed and created the Selene River Press Historical Archives, a one-of-a-kind vast online resource for doctors, health seekers, and researchers. Free to all, the Historical Archives preserves the immense body of work produced by nutritional pioneers of the 20th century. The collection documents the origins of holistic thinking, a philosophy that is now bearing fruit. As Mark knows better than most, so-called “new discoveries” heralded by today’s scientific press as fundamental breakthroughs in health and healing can be traced back to discoveries made decades ago—and reported in the corpus of the Historical Archives. Mark believes that unless you want to be the ninth person to be the first to discover something, you better know your history. After all, what we often call “progress” is nothing more than the rediscovery of a truth encountered—but rejected—long ago. And too bad—credit is almost never afforded retroactively.

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