Digital Downloads – Other Tablet

Other reading devices such as Nook will typically support EPUB and PDF formats. Check with your tablet manufacturer for the best file format.

Electronic versions of our converted Selene River Press books come in MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (iPad, Nook), and PDF (PC or Mac) file formats. On any product page, you can choose the desired format by clicking the link in the product description for the format you choose.

EPUB and MOBI formats are eReader-specific formats. PDF can often be read on tablets as well, but lacks the special functions of most eReader formats (bookmarking, table of contents)

NOTE: When you purchase Selene River Press eBook downloads, the files you download will come bundled as ZIP files. These files must be “unzipped” or “extracted” to your hard drive first. After extracting the files, they may be opened by your eReader software and syncronized with your reading device. If you are not clear how to unzip a ZIP archive, click here for instructions for Windows and here for instructions for Mac.

Your eReading device manufacturer will have specific instructions for your device. If you have successfully downloaded your eBook file, but cannot get the file to your device, please contact your device manufacturer.