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Welcome to the Selene River Press custom ordering page for enrollees in the Nutritional Clinical Assistant (NCA) 100-hour certification program sponsored by Texas Chiropractic College and managed by Whole Food Practice, LLC.

Selene River Press is the publishing partner for this program and provides enrollees with resources that have been reviewed to ensure they adhere to strict natural health and whole food philosophy. A special NCA discount of 10% has been incorporated into this landing page and will follow you as you click through other selections on this website.

As an added bonus, Selene River Press provides free access to over 300 historical articles covering a broad array of topics in nutritional science. These can be found by clicking “Historical Archives” above. Searching by subject will provide you and your patients with access to topics and authors that are grounded in whole food philosophy and validated nutritional science.

Should you have any questions about your program, selecting electives, our accessing our online eLearning platform,  please contact the Whole Foods Practice staff at (801) 432-8869 or email

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!

The following required reading and audio materials have been carefully selected to encompass a broad brush of whole food, therapeutic nutrition teachings and principles, as well as practical tips for diet and lifestyle. Enrollees receive these materials as part of their “Welcome to the NCA Program” box. This list is provided to remind enrollees of their required commitments before they select their elective, independent study materials. If you are one of our enrollees that already possessed a number of these items and opted for an a la carte purchase of the required materials, you are encouraged to make your selection of needed resources from this list to get started.