The ICV Cheat Sheet: Guide to Ileocecal Valve Testing


What is the ICV? It is a sphincter valve located at the end of your small intestines (the ilium) and the beginning of your large intestine (the cecum). The ICV stops digested food from going back into your small intestine. Stuck open or closed, or with inconsistent timing, the ICV can create a plethora of digestive woes, including diarrhea, constipation, and even irritable bowel syndrome.

The ICV Cheat Sheet: Guide to Ileocecal Valve Testing from Dr. Lowell Keppel is designed for practitioners who want to leverage the full power of the Keppel Method and Muscle Response Analysis (MRA). Part learning tool, part visual aid, this chart is a handy diagnostic resource for troubleshooting and correcting ICV issues.

Author: Lowell Keppel, DC
Format: Chart