The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy—A Review of Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2014


In November 2014 acclaimed educator, clinician, and writer Dr. Michael Gaeta gave a seminar titled “The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy.” But this wasn’t just a seminar—it was also a deep dive into Back to School for Doctors 2014. Participants at BTS 2014 were treated to Mark R. Anderson’s exploration of a cornerstone of whole food nutritional therapeutics: Trophotherapy, the art and science of applied nutrition.

If you were present at Dr. Gaeta’s seminar, here’s a rare opportunity to learn more. And if you weren’t, here’s an even rarer opportunity to see what you missed.

Author: Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN based on Mark R. Anderson‘s original presentation material.
Available Formats: E-Learning, DVD, USB drive, MP3, or set of 5 audio CDs (plus 1 CD-ROM)
Total runtime: 5 hours, 37 minutes.