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Nourishing Healthy Babies

Hello everyone, welcome to the Selene River Press staff reviews. These are a series of short videos where we as staff members get to talk about some of our favorite products at Selene River Press.

Today, I am here with Harper, my new baby. I am Danielle, I’m the managing editor for Selene River Press, and today, she and I are going to talk about one of my favorite products that is so perfect and beneficial for her. It’s this beautiful chart by Monica Corrado, and it is called Nourishing Healthy Babies: First Real Foods. This chart is an absolute must-have, whether you yourself have a new little baby, you’re an expecting mom, expecting parents, maybe you have a friend who’s having a baby, niece, nephew, grandchild, or even a practitioner and one of your patients is expecting soon. Whether it’s their first baby or their fifth, it doesn’t matter. This chart is so valuable, because it breaks down exactly what foods to feed your little one and when to do it. Breaks down age groups, which foods are healthy, which are not, which ones are safe, which are not, and gives some really awesome insight into foods that I never even thought about giving to my baby. For example, some of the first foods that I can feed her are shaved liver. I never would have thought of that, but what a great way to give my baby that extra boost of nutrition in a way that you’re definitely not going to find it the canned foods at the store.

Some other things I wanted to show in this chart: so, as I was saying, it really breaks down exactly what age groups to do different foods. And it also talks about some of the foods to not feed your baby. For example, some things that we think are healthy— vegetables, grains, legumes—those are not things you feed your baby right away, which was kind of interesting, especially rice cereals, because I’ve always been told one of the first foods to give my baby is rice cereal. But Monica helps to dispel that myth by saying no, their little bodies are not ready to digest those grains yet, don’t do that. One thing that I thought was really great was in the chart on the far side, she also gives some really helpful insights and notes, important notes. These are really cool. One of the things Monica says in there is that babies are meant to digest proteins and fats. That’s what’s in breast milk, which is such a cool thing that I never thought of but absolutely makes sense. So it’s okay for us to feed our babies these things like cod liver oils and liver, like I talked about.

This chart is so wonderful and valuable. Another thing I love about it is it’s laminated so that when this little one gets a little older and her sticky little fingers are going to grab it and play with it, I can wipe it down really easy, keep it clean, and keep it lasting for so long. I love this product and am so grateful for Selene River Press and all the amazing products that it teaches us to keep our little ones healthy. We want the best for our children. We try to get them in good schools, have good health, make sure that they’re taken care of. And one of the most important things (that sometimes I feel like gets neglected, especially on my end) is making sure they have the proper nutrition at the right time in their life.

To buy this chart and to learn more about other awesome products for children and babies out there, like Your Baby’s Microbiome and Prenatal Nutrition, head over to and purchase yours today. Thank you so much. Bye.

Danielle LeBaron

Danielle LeBaron is a Professional Virtual Assistant and Managing Editor at Selene River Press. She specializes in project management, event planning and coordinating, and business blogging. She started her business as a way to stay home with her three beautiful children and has found a true passion for what she does: helping smart, stressed-out business owners take things off their plate. She supports the value of a holistic lifestyle as a way to improve one’s life from the inside out. For more information on Danielle and the services she offers, visit her website:

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