Staff Review:
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!
by Stephanie Selene Anderson

Hi and welcome to Selene River Press Staff Reviews, a series of short videos highlighting some of our favorite products. I’m Danielle, managing editor at Selene River Press for the last five years.

Today I want to talk to you about Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! Guide to Healthy Food Shopping by Stephanie Selene Anderson. This book is an amazing resource that goes over exactly what it says—it’s a guide to healthy food shopping. It covers topics like how to grocery shop, where to shop, what to buy, and, importantly, what not to buy—foods that seem healthy but aren’t. It also goes over some great budgeting techniques.

One of the number one things we hear from people is I can’t afford to eat healthy. I can’t afford to shop organic. There are some really great tips for budgeting. It also goes over why organic? Why does that really matter? Why is it that the food, the water, and the supplements we put in our body—and their quality—truly does matter to our overall health?

This book is an amazing, easy-to-follow guide with steps on how to transition into a holistic lifestyle. Ideas like mixing your rice, 50 percent white and 50 percent brown, until you get accustomed to the taste of brown rice. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing jump. There are some really great tips for transitioning so people don’t give up, feeling like it’s too hard.

When I started with Selene River Press five years ago, I was completely new to the holistic nutrition world. It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. I didn’t know where to start, and I often wanted to just give up. But this book changed that for me with easy steps that made me feel like I could do it—and gave me the knowledge to do it correctly.

One of my favorite parts of the book is that it goes over skincare. I’ve struggled with healthy skin, and it covers great skincare options, including products, makeup, and companies. We have to remember that even what we put on our skin goes into our body and affects our health.

This book is also offered in audio format. I’ve listened to it three times already, while driving or just doing the dishes. It’s great to help refresh my memory on some of the tips I might have forgotten. So if anybody prefers it audio-wise, that’s a great option too.

This is wonderful for anybody just dipping their toes in the holistic nutrition world, whether it’s yourself, family, or friends. It makes a wonderful gift. And for practitioners, it’s a great way to ease your patients into the holistic world. For all of these reasons, I really recommend Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! by Stephanie Selene Anderson.

Until next time, be well.

Danielle LeBaron

Danielle LeBaron is a Professional Virtual Assistant and Managing Editor at Selene River Press. She specializes in project management, event planning and coordinating, and business blogging. She started her business as a way to stay home with her three beautiful children and has found a true passion for what she does: helping smart, stressed-out business owners take things off their plate. She supports the value of a holistic lifestyle as a way to improve one’s life from the inside out. For more information on Danielle and the services she offers, visit her website:

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