Practical Endocrinology

By Henry R. Harrower, MD

Summary: The complete book, originally published in 1932 and reprinted by the Lee Foundation in 1957. In 1916, Dr. Harrower founded the Association for the Study of the Internal Secretions, the first society in the United States dedicated to the study of the endocrines, while also inaugurating Endocrinology, the first periodical of its type. Harrower was a major force in the development of endocrine therapy using glandular extracts and a leading light in the practice of organotherapy. To further this therapy, he founded the Harrower Laboratories Company in Glendale, California. Dr. Royal Lee would later build on Harrower’s work in developing the Protomorphogen. In the preface to the 1957 reprint by the Foundation, Lee writes, “No student of the healing arts can fail to consider this book of Harrower’s an indispensable reference work, and of absorbing interest in getting the proper diagnosis of the multiple illnesses of a people who are trying out the mass experiment of starving their endocrine glands by the use of foods depleted of essential minerals and vitamins through processing, refining and the progressive depletion of soils.” Note: This is a large file. Give it a minute or more to load. Original publication date 1932; republished by the Lee Foundation in 1957.

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Some Interrelations Between Vitamins and Hormones

By Dr. Royal Lee

Summary: Dr. Lee, citing the great British doctor and nutrition pioneer Sir Robert McCarrison, explains the critical connection between nutrition and the endocrine system. “McCarrison back in 1921 told us how the endocrine glands were the first structures to atrophy or degenerate following vitamin and mineral deficiencies. [For instance,] the adrenal glands…stopped functioning and soon became atrophied.” McCarrison noted that while the adrenals were usually the first endocrine gland to falter as a result of nutrient deficiency, in time others followed, including the thyroid and the pituitary. As Lee often pointed out, none of this would have been discovered had diets high in nutrient-deficient processed foods not initiated such problems in the human race. 1950.

How “Organized Medicine” Is Fighting Vitamins

By Dr. Royal Lee

Summary: In this riveting personal account, Dr. Lee describes the legal battle that led him to discover that organized medicine was actively working to discredit and suppress nutritional approaches to health. He also documents evidence of how the medical-pharmaceutical industry had formed what was in essence a cartel aimed at controlling the healing arts and destroying any threat to its control over the nation’s healthcare. 1943.