The Tale of a Woman with a Fractured Fibula, and Slow-Cooker Tips for Getting Through It

On a warmish, balmy Thanksgiving afternoon, I took a long hike while the turkey roasted in all of its unhurried glory. The sides—stuffing, fresh orange-cranberry relish, potatoes in ice water, ready to be boiled—were prepared the day before. This always makes the cook’s life easier on a “last minute” kind of cooking day. (But that’s […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are, NEW YEAR’S! It’s a time of ending and beginning as we say goodbye to 2021 (though most may say good riddance) and move on to 2022. (Lord, this year has got to be better!) We humans often look forward to change—be it a change of attitude, behavior, or circumstance. To mark this […]

How to Tune Up Your Diet Without the Pain

Selene River Press recently received a question about how to still enjoy foods you love even while making healthier diet choices. Essentially, this person wanted to know if they had to give up their favorite donut in order to eat healthier. I love this question because there are so many possible answers, and most of […]

Gourmet Cheese Board:
A New Tradition for Christmas Giving

It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas…I can almost hear those soft children’s voices singing “Christmas time is near.” This one song brings so many feelings of warmth and generosity, family and friends, delicious aromas and hopes for a brighter future. Don’t you love these feelings too? This is a perfect time to begin a wonderful new […]

Dynamic Duos:
Reliable Protocols of Synergistic Supplements

SRP has a gripe. And before we turn our attention to this month’s Product Spotlight, we’d like to discuss it. The issue? Practitioners whose reaction to the words “ongoing education” is a resounding…meh. You know who we’re talking about. Practitioners who are content—with the level of their patient care, with the pace of their referrals, […]

The Sum of Your Life in Action

Some days start out so promising. The coffee is good. The traffic is cooperating. You’re in a singing mood for no particular reason. But then the road beneath you turns to quicksand. The guy in front of you stops suddenly, and now you’re exchanging insurance info while dabbing at the hot coffee splashed all over […]

Healthy Eating for Older People:
Loving Our Loved Ones

We often forget about older people during the holidays, and for that matter during the rest of the year as well. (Sad but true.) Who are they? For the most part, they are aging loners who may or may not have family nearby. This year has been an especially difficult one for our seniors and […]

It’s Autumn Again

I love this time of year, when Halloween is over but before we really start thinking about the big three holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Although these are festive occasions, they can also be downright hectic because they hit us in a row. But the holidays are simply the best time of year to […]

The Importance of Vitamins A and D:
Nutrients You Must Have

With all the many vitamins available to us, you might wonder why I chose to focus on vitamins A and D in this particular article. Well, wonder no more. (Smile) These two power-packed vitamins are essential for our health, and they are abundant in the foods I discuss below. Before we get to that, however, […]

When the Numbers Lie:
The Myth of Drug Statistics

If you take any sort of medication, it might interest you to learn what its NNT is. This acronym stands for the “number needed to treat,” essentially a ratio that tells you the number of people who need to take a medication for one person to see a benefit. The perfect scenario would see one […]

The Testosterone Angle:
Basics Facts for Men—and Yes, Even Women

Many of you are probably asking what? Why is it so important to write about testosterone? After all, don’t we already know all about it from Dr. Internet? Well, since most athletically inclined individuals seem to be buying tons of supplements from the thousands of companies now selling body-building powders, pills, and other muscle-enhancing products […]

Your Pet’s Annual Vet Visit

It can be difficult to know when our pets aren’t feeling well. Sure, we might notice some obvious symptoms such as shaking, panting, crying, loss of appetite, lameness, stiffness after rest, a change in posture, aggression or a grumpy temperament, excessive licking and scratching a specific area, a difference in how they play, or  a […]

Now More than Ever—Raw Milk!

A few years ago, Stephanie Selene Anderson, a very wise woman who also happens to be my publisher and friend, strongly suggested to me that I write about the difference between cultured dairy products (namely yogurt, kefir, and cultured cream) made from pasteurized milk and those made from raw milk. To put it simply, the […]

Winterizing School Age Children:
Keeping Them Well Is a Major Responsibility

School days are now in full force, with the hot summer months quickly folding into fall and winter coming way too soon. (Sigh) As we anticipate these long cold months ahead, many of us are wondering how this winter will be different from others that came before it. This is a question we had no […]

Beet Kvass and Cabbage Tonic:
Which, When?

It seems that the simplest things are often the most powerful. Tonics—beverages that help “tone” the body or specific systems of the body over time—are a great example. Simple and made from humble ingredients like beets and cabbage, they can be nutritional powerhouses. Beet kvass and cabbage tonic are both used in the Gut and […]

Back to School for Doctors 2021: Video Contest Winners

Back to School for Doctors 2021 - Video Contest Winners

We were excited to introduce the first-ever Back to School for Doctors Video Contest this year. We asked you to take 60 seconds to tell us about a Selene River Press product that helped to support you or your patients in some way and you did not disappoint! We were astonished with the outstanding quality […]