Royal Principles:

We live in the universe on a living planet with the ability to move about and breath in a live body. B.J. Palmer declared, “The Power that made the body, heals the body.” Let’s consider how the first human being was created from the Dirt of the earth. He was created with a nervous system […]

Fertility Continued:
Just What Is The Spark of Light?

Most people agree that we are both biochemical and bioelectrical beings. Nutrition is the foundation for our biochemistry. The nutrient dense food that we eat provides our body with key nutrients which allows for the bioelectrical capacity and conductivity.  Modalities such as acupuncture address the bioelectrical aspect of our bodies which is generally associated with […]

Let’s Celebrate an Independent Mind on Independence Day

A peek at my calendar tells me that Independence Day, my third favorite holiday, is rapidly approaching. Have you noticed that independent thought is a bulwark of the Selene River Press Historical Archives? I sure have. It is an especially strong current in Dr. Royal Lee’s Applied Trophology newsletter, which he published every month from […]

Regaining Fertility:
Unraveling the Misconceptions of the Autoimmune Process, Part 1

If you have had an egg retrieval, then your ovaries might be in an autoimmune reaction phase. Although retrieving one’s own eggs to create high-quality embryos is often necessary during the fertility journey, it is a very invasive procedure. The invasiveness not only stems from the procedure itself but from the pharmaceutically induced follicle development […]

I have spent a lot of time playing with AI, you should too.

Why are we talking about AI on the Selene River Press blog? What does this have to do with holistic nutrition resources? Soon enough AI tools will be built into most search engines, browsers, phones, you name it— and being able to discern accurate information in those circumstances requires AI literacy so you know what […]

Kid-Made, Kid-Approved:
Building Healthy Cravings with DIY Flavor

Meal planning is practically a part-time job. Between finding recipes, predicting cravings, building out the menu, outlining the ingredients, remembering what’s on your shelves and in your fridge, and then actually going shopping to between 2-3 different shops to find the best stuff… there’s nothing worse than plating up the meal only to have a […]

From Farm to Table:
Embracing Organic and Local Food Sources

“Our choices at the market define our approach to eating.” – Stephanie Selene Anderson. In an era where health and sustainability are paramount, venturing beyond the grocery store unveils a world of vibrant, nourishing food options. Inspired by Anderson’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, this guide illuminates paths to fresh, organic foods that […]

Spring Detox Time for Body and Home

Hello and happy spring! Spring is such a wonderful time of year full of new life, fresh colors, wonderous rain, relaxing weather and the ever-so-popular spring cleaning. But have you ever thought of spring cleaning your body? What a perfect way to embrace the new season after all those bundled-up hibernation months of winter. I’m […]

KISS Part 2:
Tips for Your Health Goals Success

Hello again! My last post focused on the KISS method for child health, and today I want to expand on that concept for ourselves. In the spirit of simplicity, I’m back with more tips to help you weave health and happiness seamlessly into your daily routine. So, let’s keep the ball rolling with some straightforward, […]

Celebrating Heart Health Awareness

Hello everyone! Although this video was originally recorded in February for Heart Health Awareness month, I wanted to spread it through March as well since heart health should always be top of mind. As we embrace the month of love, let’s also highlight an equally important aspect that often doesn’t get enough attention: heart health […]

Warriors of Wellness

This past month of February, we celebrated Black History Month in the United States. As chiropractors, we have the great honor to celebrate our heritage from D.D. Palmer and his first patient, Harvey Lillard. Harvey Lillard, an African American, operated a janitorial service in the Ryan Building in Davenport, Iowa. When, in September 1895, D.D. […]

It’s Time to KISS:
Tips to Bring Health into Your Kids’ Daily Life

In thinking about my post for today I remembered a line I heard in some movie somewhere. I don’t remember the context, but I clearly can hear the character stating, “Keep it simple, stupid.” What an intriguing concept! In my effort to find the origins of this phrase, I learned that it comes from the […]

How Standard Process Supplements Gave My Arthritic Pooch a New ‘Leash’ on Life

My daily life is part of the ‘paw’some world of canine companionship where wagging tails and wet noses reign supreme! I’ve always had a deep love of animals, dogs being at the top of the totem pole. My four fur babies aren’t just pets; they’re bona fide members of my family. I’ve always preached that […]

Whole Foods, Real Flavor:
Revolutionize Your Plate

Welcome back, health-conscious friends! Today our series, inspired by Stephanie Selene Anderson’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!, focuses on the transformative power of whole foods. Beyond just tweaking our diets, this journey is about rethinking our entire approach to food – from the way we shop to the way we savor each meal. […]

A Keppel Demo Minutes of MRA Reflex Testing:
2 Point Muscle Testing

Dr. Keppel demonstrates various 1-3 minute tests you can do in your office to assess nutrition and adjustment needs. Dr. Keppel demonstrates the 2 point muscle testing method in the video demo below. This video should be watched after Static 2 Pointing. The Static 2 Pointing video should be viewed before the Supplement Muscle Testing […]