Foods That Tell a Story

One late August afternoon, with a chilly 60-degree breeze whizzing by me, I sat still, nearly motionless. I had that fall feeling. The end of summer was quickly approaching, bringing shorter days, earlier sunsets, and tighter schedules. Although I’m not a fan of endless sunlight, I do like the ease and freedom of long summer […]

Good To Know:
Ragland’s Test

There are many “SIMPLE” tests you can perform on your patients to determine the function of the body and the body’s systems. I have dedicated the last 10 years in sharing what I have learned to other practitioners so that they may be more effective in treating their patients. One such test is Ragland’s Test […]

The Art of Total Relaxation:
Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual

It may seem as if the only people who can reach this most serene state of being exist in religious or spiritual communities that are dedicated to keeping separate from worldly experiences. The rest of us must deal with the noise of the world—both the good and the bad—every day of the year! Nevertheless, in […]

Every Patient Visit Is an Open Book Quiz

As a healthcare provider, I find value in displaying charts on the wall and keeping other references handy that remind me of successful procedures and applications of Standard Process whole food supplements, including when to use them. Ever wish you could remember all the important things you learned over the years? I know I have! […]

How Whole Food Supplements Helped Save My Rescue Dog’s Life

I adopted Snuggles, my Redtick Coonhound-Labrador mix from a shelter run by the Palm Valley Animal Society in Edinburg, Texas. When he was brought in as a stray, he was only about 50 pounds, underweight, and facing the following issues: 1. A severely injured and infected right front paw. There was a diagonal slice running […]

Ignite Your Digestive Fire:
Why You Need the Intrinsic Factor

Most of you know about the importance of eating healthy raw foods such as raw milk and fermented foods made from raw vegetables. Other examples include mixed salads and coleslaw, which provide a major element of a healthy diet: enzymes. And let’s not forget bile, a vital substance for digesting fats and avoiding constipation and […]

Muscle Testing:
Fact or Fantasy?

Muscle testing—what a wonderful tool. Chiropractors have been using it successfully since 1964, and since then other healthcare practitioners have incorporated it into their practice, including neurologists. Yep, on the sidelines of sporting events you will occasionally see a neurologist pushing on an athlete’s arms to determine neurological injuries. Muscle testing was developed by Dr. […]

“Why Do I Have to Keep Coming Back, Doc?”

Patients who are new to natural healthcare can be a bit finicky. I can say this with love and respect because I was just like that as a new patient years ago. I grew up in the “medical model,” where any symptom was undesirable and should be immediately suppressed with the latest medication. I was […]

Why Nutrition is Essential for the Chiropractor

When I was a young chiropractor, I often heard stories about the adjustment that would finally bring patients the relief they had long sought. I also wondered when this “magic adjustment” would take hold and resolve the back issues and subluxation complexes of my own patients. It wasn’t until I undertook Dr. Scott Walker’s Neuro-Emotional […]

Edible Flowers:
Beautiful, but Are They Nutritious?

I recently went looking for information on some of the lovely herbs and flowers growing in my yard, and to my pleasant surprise I discovered that many of them are, in fact, edible flowers! I knew a little about edible flowers before this, and I always picked the fresh petals on my one red rose […]

Food that Tells a Story

Summertime brings more than warmth to my body. It also brings thoughts of preserving the abundance that the season so generously gives us. It’s the beginning of the long-awaited harvest—a time of year I love! In a climate where it’s possible to keep gardens, many of us grow cucumbers. Oodles of them. And when there […]

Gardening Part III:
Growth (Figurative and Literal)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my gardening adventures—and I have plenty to update! The theme of my last two gardening posts was about if gardening is worth it, in terms of effort, time, and money. My conclusion was a resounding yes! Now, a few years and one move later, my knowledge has […]

Dr. Dority on the 33 Royal Principles of Health:
Are You Fueling Your Fire of Health?

In this new series from Selene River Press, Dr. Michael Dority presents “The 33 Royal Principles of Health” to illustrate how the forces of universal intelligence guide and determine our existence. Based on the principles gathered in the 1927 classic, Chiropractic Textbook, by R.W. Stephenson, DC, PhC. Principle #11: The forces of Universal Intelligence are […]

Weight Loss, Real Probiotics & a Skinny Me!

I was recently engaged in a conversation with a middle-aged lady who confided that she had spent a good portion of her hard-earned income on a whole slew of diet regimens, but they did little to help her lose that extra fat. Now she was buying yet another product that she hoped would help her […]

In Case You Missed It:
Looking Back on the SRP Blog’s Top 10

We looked back at our website stats to find the most popular posts over the last few years. They may surprise you—but not because they were trendy or short-lived. Rather, it’s because Selene River Press is consistently a place for timeless nutrition and health advice that can help you age as gracefully as the information […]

Men in Kitchens in Creatopia Magazine

We are excited and honored to be featured in Creatopia magazine! Our very own Nick Armstrong and his cookbook, Men in Kitchens, are highlighted on page 46 of the Summer 2021 edition. Nick says, “To be featured in Creatopia among so many other creative folks is a real joy. I hope the recipes from Men in Kitchens inspire folks to […]