A Father’s Day Note from Men in Kitchens Author Nick Armstrong

Hi, my name is Nick Armstrong, and I’m one of the coauthors of Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard, along with Patrick Earvolino and Mike Adams. One of the reasons I wanted to contribute to this book was to help men really own how they approach and connect to food in their lives.

Men typically have a pretty bad relationship with food. We eat to excess, we have a lot of bad snacking habits, and we consume too much salt, too much sugar, and too much other bad stuff that doesn’t lend itself to holistic health.

And so we wrote this book with an eye for recipes that would make it easy to connect with food. But they are not just that. Whether you’re a grill master or a total novice, whether you have wonderful knife skills or are just getting started—these recipes are easy to pick up, and you’ll learn new skills all while making food that’s easy to share with the ones you love.

Men in Kitchens is a love letter to the fathers in our lives, whether they’re related to us by blood or they’re members of our chosen family. It’s a great way to build connections with the people in your lives—and make new ones. This Father’s Day, share this book and make some food with the important people in your life.

A note from Nick: I neglected here to make a proper distinction between healthy salt and junk salt – please be aware there’s a difference as you can learn here.

Nick Armstrong

Nick Armstrong is owner of WTF Marketing and co-author of Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard.

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