Back to School for Doctors 2015: Cardiovascular Performance, Endurance, Maintenance

Back to School for Doctors

Save the date! Selene River Press is hosting Mark R. Anderson’s 24th annual Back to School for Doctors series in Denver on September 19th and 20th, 2015. This comprehensive seminar on the science of Dr. Royal Lee and how it relates to the health issues practitioners and their patients face today is a popular event that attracts hundreds of health practitioners from all over the country.

This year’s theme focuses on the cardiovascular system. You’ll learn the essentials of cardiovascular performance, endurance, maintenance, and more—including which nutrients and phytochemicals demonstrate high propensity for the repair and maintenance of the cardiovascular system. Also covered is the question of why cardiology has ignored over 60 years of evidence of cardiomyopathy, as caused by autoimmune destruction of the cardiac muscle, and so much more valuable information you need to know as an alternative practitioner.

For 44 years, Mr. Anderson has been educating health practitioners about the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee, the brilliant nutritional leader whose works have withstood the test of time. These lectures are always in great demand thanks to Anderson’s knowledge of nutrition science and his talent for conveying it to his audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear these entertaining and enlightening lectures that only come around once a year.

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Samantha Prust

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