Butter Me Up! Butter Vs. Margarine

I’ve always preferred butter and thought margarine was weird, but it’s more than a matter of taste; it’s a matter of health, particularly for prepubescent children.

In this 1953 newspaper article in Iowa Business and Industry, the writer quotes Dr. Royal Lee: “Sex development demands vitamin E, and butter is our main source in the American diet. And we do not mean synthetic substitutes for the natural E complex. Take vitamin E out of its environment by ‘purifying’ it and it loses up to 99 percent of its potency…” So, moms and dads, get the whole story on the nutritional value of butter before you reach for that margarine.


Samantha Prust

Samantha Prust is a freelance writer, editor, and owner of Your Editor On Call in Fort Collins, Colorado. She can be contacted at YourEditorOnCall@gmail.com.

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