Integrating Nutrition into the Musculoskeletal Practice by Lowell Keppel, DC

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This on-demand video presentation from Dr. Lowell Keppel teaches multiple approaches for practitioners to integrate nutrition into a new or established musculoskeletal practice. This is your chance to kick start your goal to properly integrate nutrition into your existing processes with practical techniques.

Dr. Keppel provides a systematic approach for assessing chiropractic and musculoskeletal concerns and relating those concerns to nutritional indications. You will heighten your ability to identify root cause, target priorities and integrate patient interaction, while improving patient understanding, retention, and compliance.

This on-demand video presentation is great way to achieve results for your patients while boosting revenues and referrals. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, practice and receive immediately applicable ideas to improve your patient outcomes.

Highlights for this seminar:
• Structural assessment, education, and effective protocols
• Foundational concepts that every nutritional practitioner should know and communicate to patients
• Chiropractic structural/nutritional relationships
• Common musculoskeletal conditions and associated nutritional and herbal protocols
• Nutrition-specific methodology for assessing the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
• Musculoskeletal adjunct therapies: shoulders, joints, extremities, ribs
• Sports and anti-aging nutritional therapies
• Demonstrations for a variety of nutritional exam tests, including organ reflex points, and adrenal insufficiency

About the Author:
Dr. Lowell Keppel has been in private practice for over 31 years and has successfully integrated nutritional and herbal therapeutics into his holistic approach. He operates a cash practice with a focus on patient education, including demonstrations, lectures, reading lists and one-on-one counseling. Dr. Keppel has studied throughout the U.S., learning and implementing many forms of nutritional examinations. He has retained the best and most practical applications and developed a nutritional examination system that has proven effective in obtaining clinical information and communicating with patients during the consultation. He shares this methodology with other health care practitioners in full-day seminars that combine lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. Dr. Keppel owns and operates a multi-disciplinary clinic in Westminster, Colorado.