Dr. Keppel’s Refresher Course on Patient Testing

While we understand many health practitioners have their ways of testing and checking their patients’ health needs, sometimes it’s a good idea to do a refresher course on how to check for certain conditions. Maybe your adrenal stress testing needs a little boost, or your food allergy assessments are not quite getting the results you know you should be getting for your patients.

Dr. Lowell Keppel, D.C., will be holding a seminar on Mastering the Nutritional Examination on July 18, 2013, in Westminster, Colorado.

He will be covering many different areas of testing to help you make wise decisions to better serve your clients using Muscle Response Analysis.

New practitioners, here is your chance to give your new practice the Keppel advantage! Benefit from Dr. Keppel’s 18 plus years of experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help you best serve your patients’ needs!

Please visit the SRP Events Calendar for more information.

Peggy Sue Meininger

Peggy Sue Meininger is Director of Sales for Selene River Press.

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