Every Patient Visit Is an Open Book Quiz

As a healthcare provider, I find value in displaying charts on the wall and keeping other references handy that remind me of successful procedures and applications of Standard Process whole food supplements, including when to use them.

Ever wish you could remember all the important things you learned over the years? I know I have! For instance, I imagine that at least some of the practitioners who attend my seminars must ask themselves what they’ve forgotten once Monday comes around. I can just hear their voices: “I remember Dr. Keppel talking about how to check the ileocecal valve and correct any issues, but I can’t recall what Standard Process supplements help!

It is for this very reason that I—along with the help of some very talented people— created The ICV Cheat Sheet and the MRA Quick Points Guide. Easy to use, easy to access, and easy to implement while working with a patient, these inexpensive guides are a must in the treatment rooms of all providers who strive to be more efficient in helping their patients.

How these two essential resources can benefit any practice:

  • Keep these guides on hand in every treatment room so you no longer need to run from room to room looking for the information you need.
  • Small enough to easily store on a shelf if wall space is at a premium.
  • Convenient for traveling.
  • Quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Indeed, with so much vital information at your fingertips, you will no longer need to worry about little details. Leave that valuable memory space for your mother’s birthday, your girlfriend’s phone number, or every shot of your last round or golf.

I received this email from nutritionist, Paige Kelly, MSACN, CNS:

“I use Dr. Keppel’s ICV Cheat Sheet and the MRA reference poster the most in my practice. The MRA poster is hanging prominently in my office above my treatment area, and I have added additional notes since continuing to take classes with Dr. K. The patients actually enjoy reading it and are curious about the points I am palpating during their session. I recently had a patient come in who I had not seen in three years, was unable to figure out why she was so constipated, bloated, could not eat much without getting reflux. I had no idea what was happening, but she had pain on palpation at the ileocecal valve. I followed the products suggested by this guide and chewing the chlorophyll decreased the pain immediately. She called me the next day to say, ‘Thank you for doing this work, we are lucky to have you in this community.’ She continues to have relief and is beginning to feel more like herself again. Just having this in a clear holder on my treatment area reminds me of points to remember when I am not quite sure what is happening with my patient. In the beginning of my practice, I was embarrassed to use cheat sheets for looking up information, but I have found that my patients appreciate that I am transparent and understand I cannot know/remember everything. These tools from Dr. K are a valuable resource in my office.”

Receiving emails from providers about how these products have enhanced the treatment of their patients is very gratifying. I am confident that keeping The ICV Cheat Sheet and MRA Quick Points Guide in your office will do the same for your practice as well.

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Dr. Lowell Keppel

Dr. Keppel received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1983, following an associate degree in science from Southwestern Michigan Community College. He became certified in Neuro-Emotional Technique in 1999, having studied directly under the program’s founder, Dr. Scott Walker. He has undertaken a variety of further training, including herbology, spinal rehabilitation, and ongoing nutritional education.

Dr. Keppel knows there is always some seminar, book or journal that might deepen his knowledge or contribute one more bit of information that he can directly translate into an effective treatment. He gives sound advice from the perspective of clinical experience and years of practice.

More recently, Dr. Keppel has been teaching seminars for Standard Process West. He has become their in-house chiropractor and is recognized as a mentor for other practitioners throughout the greater Denver area.

For more information, visit his website at DoctorKeppel.com, check out his YouTube channel, or contact him directly at drkeppel@gmail.com.

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