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Ragland’s Test

There are many “SIMPLE” tests you can perform on your patients to determine the function of the body and the body’s systems. I have dedicated the last 10 years in sharing what I have learned to other practitioners so that they may be more effective in treating their patients.

One such test is Ragland’s Test for postural hypotension. It is really a simple blood pressure test. Dr. D.C Ragland, a Medical Doctor from the 1920’s, correlated the blood pressure lying down, and then blood pressure immediately upon standing to indicate adrenal gland function. historical archives has an excellent article written by Dr. George Goodheart DC in 1965, explaining how to do Ragland’s Test and also what the results indicate and how to correct Ragland’s Test. From Dr. Goodheart’s article, High intake of natural vitamin C complex (Cataplex C) along with the natural G complex (Cataplex G) and cytotrophic extracts of adrenal (Drenatrophin PMG, Symplex F/M, Paraplex) is also valuable, as is calcium.”

One morning after reading this article and before going to the office, I decided I would teach my assistant how to perform Ragland’s Test and have her do it on every patient that came in that morning. I was surprised and yet disappointed by the results. EVERY PATIENT FAILED THAT TEST except one. How many of my patient’s adrenal function was I missing? The one patient that did pass is a patient I was specifically working on her adrenals. So that was good news!

In muscle testing, the glands/organs might be functioning just low enough to not show up. This is why, when you suspect compromised glands /organs you should use two pointing to flush out the hidden reflex.

With the Heart Sound Recorder, weak adrenal glands can be disguised by current or recent respiratory congestion such as a cold or flu. After ruling out lung congestion Heart Sound Recorder will show signs of adrenal insufficiency in the Pulmonic valve with high 2nd sounds accompanied by a normal or low second sound in the aortic valve. Again, the exception to this rule is if the patient has or is just getting over a lung infection.

Therefore, I am recommending ALL patients be evaluated for adrenal insufficiency using Ragland’s test.

Along with the objective findings of Ragland’s there are also subjective findings such as chronic fatigue, dizziness when going from lying down to standing up, and intolerance to stress.

Ragland’s Test revealed to me, that I needed to evaluate the adrenals for MediHerb adrenal products, Standard Process products, and NET homeopathic remedies. Using a combination of muscle testing and leg length evaluation, I can recommend a protocol for that individual with adrenal insufficiency or weak adrenals.

I always check the patient for a Standard Process supplement that contains potassium because of what I have learned from Dr. Royal Lee: “The adrenal glands need vitamin C complex and some vitamin B too. They also need potassium and sodium.” Later in the same article by Dr. Lee, “In potassium deficiency there is more or less complete inhibition of adrenal gland function. No doubt every disease for which cortisone or ACTH is being used is basically a deficiency disease stemming from potassium lack in some degree.”

My product of choice for potassium is, (are your ready for this?) E-Z MG. Yes E-Z Mg! I know what you are saying, “But why? That is a magnesium product made from swiss chard and buckwheat.” And you are correct, but this great product has 380 mg of potassium! Or, of course, we can consider the old reliable Organically Bound Minerals.

Let’s face it, people are more stressed today then even 3 years ago. People are more malnourished than they were 3 years ago. And of course, people are more toxic than they were 3 years ago.

Now is the time to evaluate adrenal function, not only with our patients but also with our staff, family and of course ourselves.

Expand your practice and improve the health of your people- PERFORM RAGLAND’S TEST on all your patients!

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Dr. Lowell Keppel

Dr. Keppel received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1983, following an associate degree in science from Southwestern Michigan Community College. He became certified in Neuro-Emotional Technique in 1999, having studied directly under the program’s founder, Dr. Scott Walker. He has undertaken a variety of further training, including herbology, spinal rehabilitation, and ongoing nutritional education.

Dr. Keppel knows there is always some seminar, book or journal that might deepen his knowledge or contribute one more bit of information that he can directly translate into an effective treatment. He gives sound advice from the perspective of clinical experience and years of practice.

More recently, Dr. Keppel has been teaching seminars for Standard Process West. He has become their in-house chiropractor and is recognized as a mentor for other practitioners throughout the greater Denver area.

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