Happy Independence Day!

To all our wonderful readers out there who support small farms and organic agriculture, we wish you a very happy 4th of July. As we strive for holistic independence and food freedom in our country, we recognize that this goal can only be made possible in an independent, free republic. Despite whatever political or civil turmoil we face in these times, we are above all grateful to live in the magnificent United States of America.

Enjoy your holiday, with liberty and justice for all!

Love from the Selene River Press team,

Stephanie, Nick, Danielle, Heather, Megan, and Deb

“The early American farmer had crossed an ocean and turned a wilderness into a garden, through blood, sweat and tears….No one had stronger ties to the land, a stronger love for independence and civil liberty than the farmer. This of course is why collectivist tyrants throughout the ages have first and foremost sought to destroy the independent farmer. Whether through regulation, taxation, economic warfare or simply murdering him…the freeholder must be eliminated before a free and independent people can be enslaved.”
—From “A Strong Agriculture, the Foundation of a Free and Independent Nation,” Scott M. Terry, North Country Farmer

Image from iStock/Alonzo Jones.

Danielle LeBaron

Danielle LeBaron is a Professional Virtual Assistant and Managing Editor at Selene River Press. She specializes in project management, event planning and coordinating, and business blogging. She started her business as a way to stay home with her three beautiful children and has found a true passion for what she does: helping smart, stressed-out business owners take things off their plate. She supports the value of a holistic lifestyle as a way to improve one’s life from the inside out. For more information on Danielle and the services she offers, visit her website: daniellelebaron.com.

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