Has Your Spring Garden Had Its Inoculations Yet?

Have you visited any commercial ag farms recently? In nearby Weld County, here in Colorado, the fields are tilled and ready for their spring inoculation of such poisons as 2-4D and Roundup. The sterilized soils are so dead they can no longer produce without the use of these synthetic chemicals.

I wouldn’t have a problem with any of this if these chemicals produced good food. But we all know that that’s not the goal nor the result. The great soil scientist, Dr. William A. Albrecht, published soil fertility research papers from 1927-1974, documenting the connection between soil health and human development: “Life is not passed from one fat globule to another, nor from one starch grain to another, but only from one protein to another protein molecule. Can a dentist see good permanent teeth being laid down in the jawbone of a foetus when the mother’s diet is deficient in minerals and protein? Can he find sound teeth in school children when carbohydrate bulk predominates in their diet because of its lesser cost and easier storage than that of milk and meat?” You’ll want to print out this article by Albrecht and take your time with it.

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