Healing a Broken Heart: Nutritional Foundations: A Collaborative Approach, Featuring Mark Anderson, John Bennett, DC, and Nicole Eckman, RD

Don’t miss a beat! Get to the heart of the matter with this upcoming January seminar at the Embassy Suits in Loveland, Colorado, featuring three amazing speakers highlighting heart health. Mark Anderson, John Bennett, and Nicole Eckman each bring their expertise to the table on this timeless topic.

This seminar will teach you how to implement nutritional strategies for optimal heart health. Some program highlights include heart basics (rate, rhythm, tone), risk factors, laboratory markers, nutritional deficiencies that affect heart health, applied heart nutrition, heart health protocols, and so much more.

Mark Anderson has been educating health practitioners about the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee for over forty-five years. Mr. Anderson’s knowledge of nutrition science and his talent for conveying it to his audience combine for a rare event you can’t afford to miss.

John Bennett, DC, melds his twenty-six years of chiropractic experience and therapeutic nutrition knowledge into a unique teaching style. Mr. Bennett developed a successful wellness model that has incorporated his clinical use of the Heart Sound Recorder.

Nicole Eckman, RD, is an integrative nutritionist who specializes in digestive and endocrine disorders. She has applied her whole person approach to her diverse work in hospital, fitness, online counseling, and private practice settings.

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Samantha Prust

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