Foreword to “Hello, Test Animals—Chinchillas or You and Your Grandchildren?”

By Dr. Royal Lee

Summary: In 1953 author W.R. Cox published a book documenting the mysterious degeneration and demise of his herd of chinchillas. What Cox discovered, after extensive laboratory testing and autopsies, was that his animals had been done in by fluoride hidden in their feed, the substance penetrating the placental barrier of the pregnant members of the herd and poisoning their offspring in the womb. In this foreword to Cox’s book, nutritionist Dr. Royal Lee discusses the frightening implications of the author’s report at a time when municipal water supplies were being forcibly dosed with the very substance that had destroyed Cox’s inadvertent test animals. Though fluoride had shown some effectiveness in preventing cavities in human studies, its side effects had not been sufficiently investigated, Dr. Lee writes, and adding it to pubic drinking water in the face of evidence like Cox’s amounted to an “ill-considered freak experiment” by bureaucrats so obsessed with passing reform that they hadn’t bothered to study the possible consequences of their proposal. From Hello, Test Animals…Chinchillas or You and Your Children? Published by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, 1953.

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Foreword to “Hello, Test Animals—Chinchillas or You and Your Grandchildren?”[spacer height=”20px”]

Totalitarian government is not confined to forcing everyone to vote for the same dictator or go to the same church. It involves also the elimination of liberty to choose your food and drink, choose your remedy for disease, or choose your own poison drug in which you may have confidence.

Here we may see the consequences of the regimentation of our people into the universal use of fluorine added to our water supply. Those who do not want it are given no choice but to pay twice for what they once were taxed for.

Truly, as Herbert Spencer remarked a hundred years ago, “Proponents of reforms are often so absorbed in observing the action of their proposals that they forget to look for the reaction.”

If the reaction in the human is to be the same as the reaction to the test animal, as reported in this book, some of us had better make preparations to migrate to a new world, like our forefathers, to escape the dire consequences of the same arbitrary totalitarian arrogance that tells us that we must be regimented into faceless and helpless victims of whatever unwarranted and ill-considered freak experiments that the minds of power-drunk bureaucrats can devise—all regardless of the constitutional rights of the individual or of the criminal nature of experiments upon the victims without their consent.

By Dr. Royal Lee. From “Hello, Test Animals—Chinchillas or You and Your Grandchildren?” by W.R. Cox, the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1953.

Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Printed in U.S.A. by The Olsen Publishing Co., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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