The GP and the Endocrine Glands

By Dr. Louis L. Rubel

Summary: What might have been history’s great link between nutrition and medicine. This 200-page book by medical doctor Louis Rubel, published originally in 1959 and reproduced in its entirety here, details the clinical symptomatology of various dysfunctions of the endocrine glands and links these dysfunctions to inadequate nutrition. “Many patients would not be suffering from ill health [as a result of glandular dysfunction] had their nutritional intake throughout their formative and adult years been adequate in each of its constituents,” Dr. Rubel writes. Rubel stresses in particular that many conditions encountered daily by the general medical practitioner and considered “mental or emotional aberration” are really the result of endocrine disruption. The causal connection between malnutrition and endocrine dysfunction had first been revealed decades earlier by the great nutrition pioneer Sir Dr. Robert McCarrison, who showed that the endocrine system is actually the first bodily system to feel the effects of malnutrition. While this truth has been observed by nutrition-minded practitioners for almost a century, the medical establishment still tragically fails to recognize it or consider its profound implications. Louis L. Rubel, 1959.

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