Letter to the People of San Diego About Water Fluoridation

By Dr. Royal Lee

Summary: In a time before fluoridation of water was commonplace, Dr. Royal Lee was a leading opponent of such dangerous “mass medication,” as he put it. In this open letter to the citizens of San Diego, Dr. Lee calls on residents to stop this “treatment by force” with a poison they would otherwise never tolerate in their food supply. Dr. Lee identifies processed foods, deficient in vitamins and minerals, as the real culprit behind tooth decay and points out that ironically the very food processors who created the cavity problem in America are the ones pushing water fluoridation on municipalities throughout the country. Circa 1952.

[The following is a transcription of the original Archives document. To view or download the original document, click here.]

Letter to the People of San Diego About Water Fluoridation[spacer height=”20px”]

Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research
Laboratories and Research Division
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Reply to Executive Office:
2023 West Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin

Open Letter to the People of San Diego:

A battle is being fought for freedom in your city that, if lost, can be looked upon as the last stand of American liberty.

Mass medication is the issue. The placing of fluorides in the communal water supply is a criminal encroachment on your constitutional rights. It is forcing you to take a medical remedy for a common deficiency disease known as tooth decay. It is the treatment by force of a type of starvation with a poisonous drug that you never would consider acceptable as a possible contaminant of your food or drink under any sane set of circumstances.

Who is trying to force this crazy idea into practice? You probably are unaware of the fact that the same commercial interests that have for forty years been promoting the destruction and removal from bread of the very food elements that would prevent tooth decay (by their promotion of flour bleaching) are now promoting the fluoridation of water. First they create a terrible state of dental disease by criminal food adulteration, and then they try to sell us a quack remedy for its prevention.

Read what our official investigating committee in Congress says about the idea of water fluoridation (in the enclosed Delaney Committee report). Read the rest of the story of how the flour racketeers have for forty years undermined the public health by selling a product from which the essential minerals and vitamins have been removed and the nonessential residues fraudulently sold as “food.” “Food” hardly more capable of supporting life of test animals than so much straw. “Food” that contained preservative chemicals so toxic that they caused fatal “running fits” in dogs. “Food” that specifically caused tooth decay and dissolved tooth enamel on contact in tests on human teeth (as reported in The Vitamins in Medicine, Bicknell & Prescott, 1945, p. 688). (Copy on request).

Then get busy and help raise a few dollars to help your fellow townsmen fight this Rat Poison Gang, for unless you get behind this effort to defend yourself now, it will soon be too late. The scoundrels back of this racket have actually gotten a lower court to believe that fluoridation is not mass medication. If their program has any justification, how is it that they could not convince the Delaney Committee? Experimentation on any person [with] medication without his consent is criminal and vicious. No sane or clear-thinking [person] could even think of endorsing such a frightful program.

It is the essence of totalitarianism—right here in your home town.

Very truly yours,

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Royal Lee, DDS, President
Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research
(A non-profit institution dedicated to better food)

By Dr. Royal Lee. Circa 1952.  

[The following reports, enclosed with Dr. Lee’s original letter, remain unlocated; the titles have been retained for historical purposes]:[spacer height=”20px”]

Delaney Committee Report
Lakeland Address
Just One Turn of One Valve And!!!
The Systemic Cause of Dental Caries (R. Lee)
Massachusetts Letter on Fluorine in Beer
Excerpt from The Vitamins In Medicine (when available)


Mail to:
C. Leon de Aryan, Editor
P.O. Box 349
San Diego 5, California

I enclose_______ dollars as a contribution toward defending the people of San Diego against unconstitutional schemes for fluoridating drinking water.

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