Introducing Dr. Ron Carsten’s Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide

This is big. The Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide by Dr. Ron Carsten is destined to become a new industry bible—and it’s available now at Selene River Press. With this invaluable tool at your fingertips, you’ll have comprehensive, up-to-date information that will help you lead pet owners to a deeper understanding of how their animals can live better lives through high-quality, whole-food nutritional support.

Based on years of clinical experience, the Veterinary Clinical Reference Guide guides clinicians through vast amounts of nutritional data to create the best health outcomes for animals. In these pages you’ll find information on:

  • Ingredient lists for all Standard Process Veterinary Formulas.
  • Nutrition and whole-food concentrates as therapeutic tools, and the vital difference between synthetic vitamins and a whole-vitamin complex.
  • Helping pet owners choose the optimal product for their pets.
  • Product descriptions, dosages, and practical applications.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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