From Nuffin’ to Muffin: Men in Kitchens

After that attempt to flambé Bananas Foster for your sweetheart on Valentine’s day, the smoke has finally cleared. So before the next important occasion arises, let’s talk about how to impress the people in your life with a few simple recipes—the kind that don’t involve flaming pans.

Some recipes can be pretty daunting, especially when they call for more ingredients than a potion at Hogwarts. The best things in life are simple. With a few easy ingredients, you can make a masterpiece that will convince anyone you went to culinary school.

The second edition of Men in Kitchens celebrates the concept of using the humble muffin pan for something other than its original purpose. This simple tool makes it easy to create reliable, repeatable results when it comes to portioning, cooking time, and presentation. We are men! We use tools that help us in our daily lives. And with so many tools around, why not start using them? Weights that shake themselves. Cookie-cutters that cut, well, cookies. And now muffin pans that can portion out a one-pot meal.

Get creative. Start asking questions and experimenting in the kitchen. Why not use the contact surface of a baking pan to create a crispy crumb topping for mac n’ cheese? Why plate your food in a fancy ring mold one at a time when you can increase your productivity by 1,200 percent?

Make a good impression with these simple ideas inspired by Men in Kitchens:

  • Chicken and Waffles Breakfast Cup
  • Omelet Breakfast Cups
  • Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Cups
  • Fruit and Granola “Bars”
  • Creme Brulee without a Torch
  • Soufflé Cups
  • Spaghetti Cups
  • Meatloaf Cups
  • Mini-Pies
  • Homemade Peanut-Butter Cups
  • Taco Salad Shells

The world is your oyster…now go serve it up in a cup!

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Michael Adams

Mike is a self-taught chef that has lived in Fort Collins most of his life. His passion for cooking is fueled by creativity and bringing loved ones together.

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