Practitioners: Tailor Your Nutritional Approach with a Simple New Chart

Organ chart

Some practitioners always seem to be on the lookout, forever seeking new ways to integrate the best nutritional formulas into their practice. If that sounds familiar, we have a new tool for you. The “Nutrition Affiliated with Organs, Glands, and Tissues Chart” is a straightforward, practical guide that cross-references 45 different organs, glands, and tissues with primary and secondary nutrition formulas from Standard Process. No bells and whistles, just clearly organized information that will help you provide top-of-the-line care to all of your patients.

When it comes to offering your clients the best possible nutritional support, it pays to have the right tools at your disposal—and this chart is the right tool for the job. To the left, you’ll find a comprehensive list of 45 organs, glands, and tissues. To the right, a cross-referenced inventory of primary and secondary Standard Process nutrient formulas affiliated with each one. The secondary formulas highlight one of the benefits of Standard Process whole food concentrates—their ability to offer overlapping nutritional support. Depending on the status and combination of your patient’s nutritional needs, you may recommend one or several formulas to get the job done.

Perhaps you’ve been looking for that one indispensable reference to help you quickly identify the proper nutrient formulas for everything from the heart and the lungs to the nerves and the muscles and beyond. Or perhaps you didn’t know you needed one until now. Either way, this chart will free you up to spend more time with your patients, and thus help you come to a better understanding of their particular needs.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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