Cooking Techniques for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, Part I: Meat Stock and Bone Broth


Bringing new clarity to the GAPS diet in non-clinical language all readers can understand, expert chef, author, and teacher Monica Corrado shores up a critical but often misunderstood aspect of the GAPS healing protocol—meat stock and bone broth. When you make them. How you make them. Why you make them. And, crucially, why you shouldn’t mix them up.

This spiral-bound edition is perfect for those who need a light, easy-to-handle format for use while cooking.

All four books in Monica’s Cooking Techniques series, plus additional new material, are now gathered in The Complete Cooking Techniques for the GAPS Diet, available in a spiral-bound, pdf, or ebook edition.

Author: Monica Corrado, MA, CNC, CGP
Pages: 36

Part I is available in a pdf, EPUB, Kindle, or Publisher’s Printout edition.

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