Mark Anderson Webinar Trio:
The Arthritides Part 1 & 2, Incipient Scurvy


If doctors actually understood the causes of the arthritides, do you really think these conditions would be the leading cause of disability worldwide? Describing an effect does not reveal knowledge of a cause: “Oh look! You are bleeding!” Great. That is an observation not an insight.

Why do archeologists unearth burial sites all over the world containing skeletal remains of people who died at 50 years of age and older still having perfect bones and teeth while also finding ancient civilized sites with pitted, porous, and degenerative bones? It is not, as the evidence shows, an aging wear and tear phenomenon.

These three webinars will help unlock the brilliant knowledge and insights of the pioneers of nutritional discovery. It will blow away myths, lies, and the conventional received ignorance that has deceived generations of healthcare professionals as it provides a new paradigm for this old nemesis of humanity.

This bundle includes the following Webinar Wednesday Topics:

Arthritides Parts 1 and 2, and Incipient Scurvy.

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Format: Streaming Video with Downloadable PDF Notes
Running Time: 4 hours (3 separate videos)
Author: Mark R. Anderson