Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration


In the 1930s, Dr. Weston Price crisscrossed the globe to study the diets of traditional societies. He found the same thing in every population: Those who stuck to traditional, whole-food diets were healthy, vibrant, and virtually free of degenerative disease. Those who’d made the switch to processed foods developed the same degenerative illnesses that plague us today. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is a true landmark of nutrition science.

Author: Weston A. Price, DDS
Pages: 527

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This classic reference was written by the godfather of whole food nutrition, Dr. Weston A. Price. The great Dr. Royal Lee calls it “the number one book for any doctor’s library.” And according to acclaimed health researcher Mark R. Anderson, “One cannot comprehensively study nutrition without knowing Dr. Price’s work.”

In the 1930s, Price crisscrossed the globe to study the diets of traditional societies that had yet to adopt modern, processed foods or were in the beginning stages of incorporating them into their culture. Among the hundreds of populations he studied, he found the same thing: Those individuals who stuck to their traditional, whole-food diet were healthy, vibrant, and virtually free of degenerative disease. Those who’d made the switch to processed foods, on the other hand, developed the same degenerative illnesses that plague us today, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes, to name just a few.

Not only did Price meticulously document his work, he also backed his observations with hundreds of stunning photographs showing the differences between the health effects of whole foods and processed ones. See for yourself, literally, how a diet of processed foods leads to poor health, genetic frailty, and physical deformities, not only in individuals but in the generations that follow them. And learn why the continuation of the human race may literally depend on Dr. Price’s penetrating research. First published in 1939, this amazing book has never been out of print, and it will never be out of date.

From Amazon Customer Reviews:

“A nutritionist’s bible. No wonder after almost 100 years it’s still as good as it gets. A gem by one of the all time greats. Has been a very useful reference for my course.”
—Sami Murtaza

“I have seen many references to this work over the years and finally decided to see the photos for myself. The fact that this old volume doesn’t ever go away speaks for it’s relevance today.”

“Anyone looking for a solid foundation upon which to build up their nutritional knowledge has no need to look any further. This book provides simple but effective arguments that are based in many repeatable studies concerning the relationship between overall health and nutrition.”
—B. Harrelson

“Being the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, and so full of information that is essential and invaluable to real health, it is really hard to believe that this book isn’t a common household name, and the subject of study in all food, nutrition and health degrees. The only explanation I have for why it is NOT is that a healthy populous are not a very lucrative target for medication, processed food, and modernization of every kind. In short, it is the best kept secret of our times. I am married to a physician and we have seven children. We have been health conscious and anti-processed food and medication our whole married lives, but we were still missing so many crucial factors essential to real health. This book has changed our lives and the health of our family so drastically that I don’t have room to list it all here. I have become a member of my local Weston Price chapter, and I continue to do research and promote this information everywhere I can. I have given a book to everyone I love and will continue to point people in this direction as they become sicker and sicker with more and more new kinds of chronic disease at younger and younger ages. It is all around us, and it was never part of the plan. This book has restored my faith in natural law and divine providence– our bodies really aren’t so incompatible with life on earth as modern science would have us believe, and God never intended us to muddle through life so weak and prone to illness, so medication dependent and needy. I only wish I had had this information when we first married– how much we would have done differently! I have to be content to know that my children, several of whom are now approaching adulthood, have the benefit of this knowledge in time to do everything right front the beginning with their own families.”
—J. wilborn

“In a research environment corrupted by pharma and ‘processed food industry’ interests, this ground breaking book stands out like a beacon of truth. Awesome.”

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