Adjuvant Protocols for Healing: A Practitioner’s Manual


To the benefit of practitioners everywhere, Joseph Antell, CN, has created a clinical resource like no other—a compendium of over 450 individual protocols designed to help you tailor a course of therapeutic care for your client’s specific issues.

Author: Joseph Antell, NC
Pages: 448

A note about product options:

Adjuvant Protocols for Healing is thoughtfully designed. Printed in an articulated hardcover with a hidden spiral, it folds back and lays flat like a workbook. And for a nominal extra charge, you will receive searchable PDF files of each protocol—ideal for printing and handing out or scanning and emailing to your clients. (They’ll appreciate it.)

Note: The searchable PDF contains ONLY healing protocols, not the additional index. Page count and numbering will vary between PDF and hardcover.