Small Intestine:
Where Absorption Happens

The small intestine is the longest part of the digestive system. In this brief overview, let’s start with the duodenum, which is about ten inches long. This is where bile and pancreatic enzymes are released to digest food.

Next is the jejunum, where absorption of important nutrients such as sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids occurs. Celiac disease commonly affects the jejunum.

The last part of the small intestine is the ilium. It is specifically responsible for the absorption of vitamin B12 and the reabsorption of conjugated bile salts. Small collections of lymphatic tissue, called Peyer’s patches, are embedded in the ileal wall.

Standard Process has many products that support the small intestine. The protomorphogen to use is Dermatrophin PMG, since the intestines are made up of epithelial tissues just like the skin. Remember, the protomorphogen acts as a decoy to an autoimmune response, to take the immune attack away from the body’s own tissue. This provides  time to heal the tissue with nutritional products such as Cataplex A-C-P and Calcium Lactate.

Okra -Pepsin E3, as the name implies, contains the vegetable okra and pepsin, the pancreatic enzyme responsible for metabolizing proteins. Okra helps digest mucus build-up on the intestinal wall that can limit absorption of nutrients from the small intestine into the blood stream. The dosage that I recommend is six to nine capsules per day. With continued use, the patient may find mucus being eliminated in the bowel, which is an indication that the protocol is doing it its job.

According to Dr. Lee, “The contents of the intestine must be acidified to kill the undesirable and toxic micro-organisms which are contained in the food waste derivatives, and which can only exist in an alkaline medium.” This is accomplished using our old friend, Lactic Acid Yeast Wafers.

Did you know that the pituitary gland has an inhibitory effect on the duodenum? According to Dr. Henry Harrower and Dr. Lee, you must add Pituitrophin PMG to your small intestine protocol. This supports balance of the endocrine system along with the small intestine.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a common issue among clients. In these cases, it is best to support the immune alliance. I would recommend two capsules of Congaplex every two hours on an empty stomach. Make sure to also add in Zymex Wafers at nine per day for its natural antibiotic effects. And don’t forget about Andrographis Complex from MediHerb for additional immune support.

If you are dealing with a patient with an irritable bowel, provide nutrition to support and rebuild damaged tissues with Cataplex A-C-P. Add MediHerb’s DiGest Forte to support healthy digestion.

Here is a pearl for you to remember: small intestine imbalances can also contribute to knee problems, low back issues, and T10 subluxation.

So, these next few weeks, check your patients for small intestine support!

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