What do you mean I have a leaky gut?!

Intestinal hyperpermeability, otherwise known as leaky gut syndrome, is a very real problem that health practitioners are discovering in their patients who are suffering thanks to years of bad dietary choices. If you are a practitioner who has patients with leaky gut syndrome or metabolic syndrome or you’re trying to get a better understanding of the autoimmune process, consider attending a seminar with Dr. Michael Gaeta on November 7 in Colorado Springs. Dr. Gaeta will be discussing the connections between leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances, immune abnormalities, and autoimmune conditions that result because of our modern day diet of processed foods, refined sweeteners, and meats that have been contaminated left and right during processing.

Dr. Gaeta will also discuss how to use the various analytical tools that are out there and how they reflect a patient’s well-being by use of blood, saliva, and tissue mineral analysis. This will help you as the practitioner refine your protocols to better serve your patients.

Education is the key to helping your patients…and a great opportunity is right around the corner with this invaluable Gaeta lecture. Visit the SRP Calendar for more information.

Peggy Sue Meininger

Peggy Sue Meininger is Director of Sales for Selene River Press.

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