What Kind of Chicken Are You?

Are you an Arkansas hen or a Heartland hen? Find out what chickens can tell you about your response to stress and how it affects you in Farmacology: What Innovative Family Farming Can Teach Us About Health and Healing, a captivating book that connects sustainable agriculture to human health.

Author Daphne Miller, M.D., supports her theories of the connections between soil health and human health by visiting a diverse sampling of innovative farmers, top scientists, and researchers. Her own clinical observations of how her patients overcame their health problems with her farm-inspired recommendations is beyond inspirational; it’s a practical approach that promises better results.

She credits the book The Soul of Soil and Sir Albert Howard—the grandfather of organic farming according to many—as the fuel for her book. If only all doctors could think the way Miller does about health and disease. In fact, she tells readers to find “a health care provider who thinks like a medical ecologist.” After reading this book, it’s difficult to ignore her advice.

Samantha Prust

Samantha Prust is a freelance writer, editor, and owner of Your Editor On Call in Fort Collins, Colorado. She can be contacted at YourEditorOnCall@gmail.com.

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