Your Gallbladder Matters

Each year in the United States, far and away the most common elective abdominal surgery is gallbladder removal. This is in large part due to the advent of a minimally invasive procedure known as the laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 1987. Ever since then, the number of surgeries performed annually has continued to rise—even among pregnant women, new and nursing mothers, and children.

If we take into consideration the fact that the gallbladder is one of the least understood organs in the human body, as well as the minor detail that mainstream medicine doesn’t seem to be looking into the long-term health consequences of gallbladder removal, the frequency of this surgery becomes a bit more alarming.

The general consensus in the medical community (based on scarce evidence indeed) seems to be that the gallbladder isn’t important, let alone essential, to maintain good health. According to this mindset, if the organ is causing duress, why not simply remove it?

Because of this state of affairs, if you (or someone you love) were to start experiencing discomfort related to the gallbladder, it’s extremely likely that some medical professional will recommend surgical removal as the first resort. It’s also possible that you may not be made aware of any long-term consequences or learn about alternative treatments beforehand.

As with so many things having to do with your health, education is key. You can increase your chances of preventing a needless surgery by reading Gallbladder Matters. This straightforward guide to gallbladder health from husband and wife team Catherine Sarchenko and Dr. Richard Sarchenko explains the role your gallbladder plays in your body and outlines many holistic approaches to keeping it healthy.

Perhaps more importantly, this guide can serve as an essential reference should a medical professional ever advise the surgery to you. With the knowledge in Gallbladder Matters, you can determine if the procedure really is your best option. Along with recipes for gallbladder help and plenty of research, you’ll also find a glossary of important terms.

Let Gallbladder Matters take you on a journey of health and discovery from experts who believe that removing an organ from your body—especially an organ as little understood as the gallbladder—should always be considered a last resort. Who knows? The first step in reducing the number of unnecessary gallbladder surgeries in this country may just begin with your own.

Heather Wilkinson

Heather Wilkinson is Senior Editor at Selene River Press.

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