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Are you ready to watch Selene River Press seminars and videos on demand? On any device, anytime, anywhere?

Then you’re in luck. SRP is happy to announce we’ve joined the on-demand revolution at Vimeo. We started with two of our most popular seminars: Dr. Michael Gaeta’s Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy: A Review of Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2014 and Dr. Lowell Keppel’s Muscle Response Analysis: Seminar & Workshop. Now we’ve added Maria Atwood’s Cook Your Way to Wellness, ninety minutes of nutrition education that just may change your life.

To watch your favorite videos and seminars from SRP whenever you want, simply go to the SRP Vimeo channel in your browser or download the Vimeo app to any Internet-connected device you own. That’s it. No need to dust off your DVD player or hunt down your USB drive. With Vimeo on demand, you just need a tablet, smart phone, laptop, or Internet-enabled TV. No software required, no keystrokes to master, no DVDs to shelve.

Even better, when you access any of our on-demand seminars at Vimeo, you still receive all of the same essential supplementary materials that come with the purchase of the DVD and MP3 versions. (Be sure to click the “Receive Updates” button at checkout so we can send you the supplemental materials included with your purchase.)

Need to know more about how Vimeo works? Click here. Or you can go straight to each seminar (Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy, Muscle Response Analysis, or Cook Your Way to Wellness) to watch the trailers. If you like what you see, it only takes a few clicks of your mouse or taps of your finger to purchase and watch it in full.

Read below to learn more about the SRP seminars that are available on demand right now. And if you’d like to suggest our next on-demand product, please comment on this blog post!

Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy: A Review of Mark Anderson’s Back to School for Doctors 2014

In November 2014 acclaimed educator, clinician, and writer Dr. Michael Gaeta gave a seminar titled “The Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy.” But this wasn’t just a seminar—it was also a deep dive into Back to School for Doctors 2014. Participants at BTS 2014 were treated to Mark R. Anderson’s exploration of the six cornerstones of whole food nutritional therapeutics that comprise Trophotherapy, the art and science of applied nutrition.

If you were present at Dr. Gaeta’s seminar, here is a rare opportunity to learn more. And if you weren’t present, here is an even rarer opportunity to see what you missed.

Muscle Response Analysis: Seminar & Workshop

What is Muscle Response Analysis? As Dr. Lowell Keppel says, it doesn’t tell the future or pick your lotto numbers. Rather, MRA is both a science and an art. The procedure grew from the many muscle testing techniques Dr. Keppel learned over the course of his career. He then correlated the reflexes with Standard Process whole food supplements so you can be confident that you’re giving your patients the best recommendations. MRA is simple, and it costs nothing to implement, yet the return in patient compliance and health is great.

Featuring a wealth of supplementary research and patient handouts, this collection of three DVDs or on-demand video of Dr. Keppel’s 2014 Muscle Response Analysis seminar and workshop in Salt Lake City will teach you everything you need to know about the deceptively simple process of muscle testing. With this one invaluable tool, you’ll improve patient compliance and health for years to come.

Cook Your Way to Wellness

The Cook Your Way to Wellness video collection is 90 minutes of careful, detailed instruction for making kefir, whey, beet kvass, fermented veggies, kombucha, bone broth, butter, and beef jerky. The accompanying Tell Me More booklet supplements the many questions that inevitably come up for beginners and sometimes even experts. Together, this video-and-booklet set will boost your nutritional levels overnight.

“A great companion to Nourishing Traditions! Perfect for beginners new to Nourishing Traditions principles.”

– Sally Fallon, coauthor of Nourishing Traditions

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