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From Farm to Table:
Embracing Organic and Local Food Sources

“Our choices at the market define our approach to eating.” – Stephanie Selene Anderson. In an era where health and sustainability are paramount, venturing beyond the grocery store unveils a world of vibrant, nourishing food options. Inspired by Anderson’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, this guide illuminates paths to fresh, organic foods that […]

Whole Foods, Real Flavor:
Revolutionize Your Plate

Welcome back, health-conscious friends! Today our series, inspired by Stephanie Selene Anderson’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!, focuses on the transformative power of whole foods. Beyond just tweaking our diets, this journey is about rethinking our entire approach to food – from the way we shop to the way we savor each meal. […]

Embracing Superior Nutrition:
Your First Step to a Healthier, Happier You!

A Special Note for Holistic Health Practitioners To our dedicated nutritionists, chiropractors, dietitians, and holistic medicine practitioners, this series is for you and your patients. Use these posts as a resource to inspire and guide those under your care toward healthier choices. Happy New Year, friends and fellow wellness seekers! As we welcome a fresh […]

Back to School for Doctors 2021: Video Contest Winners

Back to School for Doctors 2021 - Video Contest Winners

We were excited to introduce the first-ever Back to School for Doctors Video Contest this year. We asked you to take 60 seconds to tell us about a Selene River Press product that helped to support you or your patients in some way and you did not disappoint! We were astonished with the outstanding quality […]

In Case You Missed It:
Looking Back on the SRP Blog’s Top 10

We looked back at our website stats to find the most popular posts over the last few years. They may surprise you—but not because they were trendy or short-lived. Rather, it’s because Selene River Press is consistently a place for timeless nutrition and health advice that can help you age as gracefully as the information […]

Men in Kitchens in Creatopia Magazine

We are excited and honored to be featured in Creatopia magazine! Our very own Nick Armstrong and his cookbook, Men in Kitchens, are highlighted on page 46 of the Summer 2021 edition. Nick says, “To be featured in Creatopia among so many other creative folks is a real joy. I hope the recipes from Men in Kitchens inspire folks to […]

Announcing Video On Demand from SRP

Vimeo posters

Are you ready to watch Selene River Press seminars and videos on demand? On any device, anytime, anywhere? Then you’re in luck. SRP is happy to announce we’ve joined the on-demand revolution at Vimeo. We started with two of our most popular seminars: Dr. Michael Gaeta’s Six Core Principles of Trophotherapy: A Review of Mark […]

Practitioners: Harness the Knowledge of Protomorphogens

Protomorphogens CD

In September 1957 Dr. Royal Lee presented a wide-ranging lecture on his groundbreaking theory of autoimmune disease for a rapt audience of doctors in Detroit. Those original source recordings have now been digitally mastered and collected in Dr. Royal Lee on Protomorphogens. A compelling primer on the autoimmune process, this new audio CD is a […]

New to SRP
Chinese Medicine: Clinical Reference Guide

Chinese Medicine

At Selene River Press, we know that traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in healing for centuries. And when we consider the ever increasing popularity of herbal supplementation and acupuncture protocols, it’s easy to see how this vast body of knowledge has influenced Western medicine for the good. That’s why we’re pleased to […]

Exercise Won’t Keep You Healthy If You’re Running on the Wrong Fuel


A group of cardiologists in the UK are trying to “bust the myth” that to fight obesity, you only need regular exercise. In an editorial written for British Journal of Sports Medicine, they asserted that the source of the calories matter, as calories from sugars increase fat storage and make a person hungrier, whereas calories […]

We’ll See You at Back to School!

It’s rare in this day and age to find people in the world of health and nutrition with as much experience and knowledge as Mark Anderson. For 44 years, Mr. Anderson has been educating health practitioners about the teachings of Dr. Royal Lee, the brilliant nutritional leader whose works have withstood the test of time. […]

Men in Kitchens Is Hot Off the Grill!

Order your copy now for only $5! Attention, guys! With the first eBook in our Men in Kitchens series, A Good Day to Dine Hard, you’ll finally conquer that last frontier—the kitchen. There’s only one thing sexier than a man who cooks, and that’s a healthy man—who cooks. Nick Armstrong and Patrick Earvolino want to […]

Feed Me Recipes eBook Update!

Want a free lunch? It’s as easy as Creamy Potato-Leek Soup! We invite you to sign up for our mailing list, if you haven’t already. New signups will receive our Feed Me! 5 Quick & Healthy Recipes eBook by Chef Briana Nervig, featuring five luscious and nutritious whole food recipes, and now recently updated with […]

Check Out Selene River Press on YouTube!

Our Men in Kitchens cooking demonstration videos will help you sharpen your skills at the cutting board with author Patrick Earvolino. Guest Chef Briana gives you the lowdown on sweeteners so you can make healthier choices. Earvolino also demonstrates one of his recipes in our new eBook, Men in Kitchens: A Good Day to Dine Hard. These videos are a quick and convenient way […]

Get a $200 fermentation seminar for $39.95!

The Cook Your Way to Wellness DVD and Tell Me More booklet set provides a basic demonstration for making some of the world’s most nourishing foods. Cook Your Way to Wellness DVD This DVD is 90 minutes of Maria’s careful, detailed instruction for making kefir, whey, beet kvass, fermented veggies, kombucha, bone broth, butter, and beef […]