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Right now. Just now. Now now.


Tons of words. Tons of cures. We must change our way of thinking. Instead, we’re chasing “cures” and waiting for someone else to find magic bullets. I’ve said this many times, and I’ll repeat it countless times before my time expires: You. Are. The. Magic Bullet. An ounce of prevention. A portion of my heart […]

The Banting “High-Fat” Diet: Fad or Fact?

Banting Diet featured image

Start clearing more space on your plate for fat, because the latest fad diet is on its way to American shores, direct from our friends in South Africa. On a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I kept hearing about the Banting Diet from locals who were shocked to learn I didn’t even know […]

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Break Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar cubes

In a world where a dangerous threat to our health and happiness lurks within nearly 80 percent of the food offered up to us by our local grocery stores…where multitudes are misled by a seemingly supernatural marketing force—a world of confusion…a world of addiction—only one person will be able to bring balance… You! By recognizing […]