Right now. Just now. Now now.


Tons of words. Tons of cures.

We must change our way of thinking.

Instead, we’re chasing “cures” and waiting for someone else to find magic bullets.

I’ve said this many times, and I’ll repeat it countless times before my time expires:

You. Are. The. Magic Bullet.

An ounce of prevention.

A portion of my heart has broken tonight.

I just got a desperate call from a family member about my aunt, who is in hospital. Ill and wasting away. This family member had heard about the successes and health “miracles” that people I’ve worked with have been fortunate enough to enjoy and wanted to know if there was “anything I could do for her.”

My honest answer? I could have. Years ago.

I use the Titanic as an analogy for all of my clients. As the ship left the dock in South Hampton, it would have taken a small course correction to easily avoid the iceberg. But they waited until they were within view of the danger to correct course, and therefore likely did not have enough time to avoid it.

When it comes to our health, so many of us wait too long to correct course. Rather than make small course corrections throughout our lives, we wait until the last possible moment and then desperately seek to over-correct. But, like the Titanic, we don’t have time to avoid the outcome right in front of us.

So why do we all wait until the danger is imminent before we consider change?

I implore anyone reading these words: Do something now.

I’d spoken with my aunt years ago about her lifestyle habits (smoking, drinking multiple Pepsis a day, etc.) in the careful, noninvasive way people broach this subject with someone they love, without wishing to offend her or make her avoid talking to me whenever our paths crossed.

Perhaps I should have just offended her. This is the challenge: reminding people that if they don’t change direction, they may end up where they’re headed.

An Ounce of Action

I’m inspired to share this message because I believe it’s avoided too often.

If you love someone. Say something. In a loving way.

As Pietro Aretino put it, “I love you, and because I love you, I would sooner have you hate me for telling you the truth than adore me for telling you lies.”

If you’re the one who practices willful ignorance, and you’re waiting for someone else to fix you or find a cure for you, change your way of thinking. Do more.

Find someone who has developed a reputation for health and healing and ask that person what changes he or she would make in your shoes. Look to time-tested knowledge from the likes of Dr. Royal Lee and Dr. Weston Price. Take advantage of the 300-plus FREE articles you’ll find in the Selene River Press Historical Archives. Look at the educational products available at the SRP Shop. At the very least, do something good. Or stop doing something bad.

Waiting is the opposite of living, in my book. Take action and really live.

I’m not going to just sit here and hope. I’m going to take action.

I strongly urge you to do the same.

Stay strong and be of good courage.

—Dustin Strong

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Dustin Strong, CHN-BC

Dustin Strong, CHN-BC, is a holistic nutrition therapist and founder of Strong On Health, a nutrition therapy and wellness counseling practice in Mansfield, TX. He believes that being healthy requires a total approach, taking into consideration equally nutrition, physical exercise, spiritual balance, and personal motivation. As a board-certified holistic nutritionist, he specializes in “detective-style” consultation, uncovering the roots of health problems and life course stalemates that often go unnoticed and untreated by traditional methods. His gentle, customized counseling and treatment have helped his clients, who come from all walks of life, to thrive. Learn more at StrongonHealth.com.

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  1. David Farris says:

    Thanks Dustin. My heart goes out to you and your Aunt. So sorry you feel sadden. Try to cheer up. I will continue to pray for your aunt and you especially. David Farris

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