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Legendary Gingerbread Whole Wheat Pancakes


Ask Chef Phyllis: We stayed at the Pierre Hotel in New York City and ate the best gingerbread pancakes at their Café Pierre. Actually, they were the best pancakes we’ve ever had—hands down. I only get to travel to New York maybe once every year or two, so I’d like to have this recipe. Is […]

Chef’s Tips for Succulent Brined Pork Chops

Pork Chop

Ask Chef Phyllis: Everything I read or see these days is about brining—from the Thanksgiving turkey to pork and lamb for the grill. Well, I brined ½-inch thick pork chops before grilling them, and they were not only dry but pickled. I wanted juicy and flavorful. They were a lot of prep as well. After […]

Austrian Style Christmas Cheese Fondue


Ask Chef Phyllis: Every year just before Christmas Eve, I begin to think of my grandmother’s cheese fondue. I thought it was very special, and the memory brings joy to my heart. I’ve tried to duplicate it several times, but I wasn’t successful. It was an expensive experiment. Since then, I’ve purchased the supermarket Swiss fondue box […]

Chef’s Secret for Never Fail Prime Rib and Chateaubriand

Prime Rib

Ask Chef Phyllis: The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is very busy for me, but not for the obvious reasons. When the ski lodges open, everyone comes to our house for the Thanksgiving break. They also come for the school break between Christmas and New Year’s. Our family serves roast turkey for both Thanksgiving and […]

Turkey Breast with Fresh Orange-Cranberry Relish

Turkey breast

Ask Chef Phyllis: My family loves turkey. I make it for Thanksgiving and sometimes for Christmas dinner, and we happily feast on the leftovers for days. I often say that I’ll make it again soon. Sadly, I don’t, probably because the family doesn’t want a Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner—they think it’s just for the holidays. But […]

Chef’s Tips for Gluten-Free Treats: Peanut Butter Cookies and Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Ask Chef Phyllis: I need some recipes for gluten-free cookies or treats that will satisfy children and are really easy to make. I’ve already tried the prepackaged, store-bought products available, but I think they have unhealthy ingredients to make up for taste. The rice flour, tapioca flour, and almond flour that most supermarkets sell are […]

Three Winning Recipes: Chef’s Tips for Chicken Thighs and Legs

Chicken legs

Ask Chef Phyllis: I confess that I buy chicken breasts at the supermarket each and every week. I bake them, grill them, smother them in cream of mushroom soup, and overcook them in every way possible. I’m tired of them. I never buy whole chickens anymore, or other parts of the chicken except for wings […]

Chef’s Tips for Gluten-Free Broccoli Cheese Soup

Ask Chef Phyllis: Our life has changed ever since we found out that our daughter is gluten intolerant. We buy rice pasta and gluten-free flours, and we read every label in the supermarket. It makes me tired because I feel our favorite recipes all have to be redone. Some of our favorite soups are broccoli […]

Chef’s Tips for Flavorful Venison Two Ways

Ask Chef Phyllis: My husband is a hunter—mostly large game like deer, elk, and moose, which comprise much of our winter menus. I have a few large roasts and many packages of steaks, chopped meat, and stewing meat in the freezer. On weekends, I like to make a roast, but sometimes it’s dry. I need […]

An Italian Specialty: Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken Saltimbocca

Ask Chef Phyllis: My Mom used to make chicken breast or veal cutlets with fresh sage leaves and prosciutto as a special dinner. She called it “saltimbocca,” which she said meant “jump in your mouth.” I don’t know about that, but I do know it’s an old Italian specialty from the Rome region where my […]

Green Chiles Rellenos Casserole with or without Chicken


Ask Chef Phyllis: We recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. A surprise gift from our children was a class at the famous Santa Fe cooking school, since I love to cook Southwestern foods. At the class, which was wonderful, we donned aprons and pitched in after our instructor made some regional appetizers and entrees. Guacamole, […]

Greek-Style Buffet: Moussaka, Spanakopita, and Greek Salad with Feta and Olives


Ask Chef Phyllis: I’m a friend of your niece Michelle, who lives in Brooklyn. I was so glad to hear that you have a Q&A blog about food. So here goes…two other ladies and I are going to host a neighborhood bridal shower soon. We want to do a Greek theme since the bride will […]

Chef’s Special Thai Style Chicken, Appetizer, and Coconut Drink

Ask Chef Phyllis: About two years ago, my company sent me to Bangkok, Thailand. Instead of the European style food that was available, I chose to enjoy local Thai foods from street vendors. Sad to say in all the specialties I tried, I only recognized the flavors of garlic and ginger in the dishes I […]

Authentic Veal Piccata from the 1939 World’s Fair

Ask Chef Phyllis: My parents attended the New York World’s Fair in 1939. It might have been part of a honeymoon trip that they never forgot. They both lived into their 80s and talked about the event as though it were yesterday. Their favorite memory was one of eating veal piccata with a bottle of […]

Chef’s Best Beer Can Chicken with Roasted Veggies

Ask Chef Phyllis: I was at a backyard BBQ and the big news was a “beer can” chicken. Well, a few of them. They were cooked on something that looked like my mom’s angel food cake pan, but it was really just a cookie sheet and an empty tall beer can. The chicken looked ridiculous […]

A Cool Summer Meal: White Bean and Kale Salad

Ask Chef Phyllis: My Sicilian mother was a great cook, but she served a lot of meals cold that Americans would serve hot—like meatloaf. On summer evenings, she served her meatloaf with hard-boiled eggs in the middle, along with a kale and bean salad. I’ve figured out how to duplicate the meatloaf. Can you help […]

Chef’s Secret to Crunchy Fish Crust: Pistachio-Crusted Salmon, Halibut, or Orange Roughy Fillets

Salmon fillets

Ask Chef Phyllis: My aim is to prepare fish for my family at least once a week. In the past, I tried prepared frozen flounder (I think it was flounder) or cod fish fillets coated in egg and bread crumbs, which I usually pan or deep fry. Of course, the kids really like this the […]

Chef’s Favorite Cuban Pork for the Slow Cooker

Ask Chef Phyllis: My Sundays are just as busy as the other days of the week. Is there something festive and a little bit special for the slow cooker? My family loves pork. —Charlotte Miller, Moncks Corner, SC Back in the day, a chef would be delighted to share his recipe with customers, especially if […]

Chef’s Tips for Making Butter from Raw Cream

Ask Chef Phyllis: Will the butter I make from raw cream spoil? It has an unfamiliar odor that I’m not sure I like. Is it bad or unsafe to use? —Joanna Lynch, Colorado Springs, CO No, the butter is good and usable. Many homemade butter makers let the cream sour before turning it into butter. […]