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Any Time of Year Cheeseballs

Ask Chef Phyllis: You’d never guess that one of the most frequently asked holiday questions people ask me (and also the second most asked question of all, right after ideas for skinless boneless chicken breasts) is about…cheeseballs. That’s why I’m writing this day about a seriously good cheeseball recipe with a decidedly different twist. Years […]

Quick Spinach-Mushroom Lasagna: Alternatives for Vegetarians

Ask Chef Phyllis At Christmastime, I make a huge three-cheese, three-meat lasagna. I admit that it’s a lot of work to prepare, but when all done, it’s done. Put it in the oven, relax with my guests and family, and pour a glass of wine is all I want to do. An antipasto is an […]

Creamed Corn with Bacon and Sage

An upscaled version of a familiar classic, perfect for your holiday table. Once Halloween passes and we hit that first week in November, my mind shifts gears from fall wind-down to fall ramp-up as I contemplate the holiday season ahead. Thus starts a series of delicious holiday-themed recipes to share with you all. These last […]

Roasted Pepper Feta Dip: A Perfect Picnic Provision for the Fourth of July and Beyond

On busy workdays, and often not on busy workdays too, I’m a grazer, meaning I’m more satisfied snacking on little bites here and there than I am on full meals. This is partly because I’m frequently on the go, and sometimes stopping for a break, even to sit down and eat, can easily deflate my […]

Cuban Oxtail Stew for New Year’s Eve

Ask Chef Phyllis: If my grandmother didn’t make Cuban pork for New Year’s Day, she probably made oxtail stew. Both leave plenty for leftovers and are festive enough for any holiday. My experience is too lacking for me to recall what was in this stew except for red wine and tomatoes. But my grandmother’s stew […]

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Every family has unique holiday customs they call their own. Growing up in a large, nontraditional, multispiritual family, our rituals were as diverse and distinctive as us. We pulled pages from cultures and religions around the world and imbued them with our own important traditions. Against this backdrop and our collective imagination, we created winter […]

Date and Nut Bread (Baked in a Can): Great for Christmas Presents

Ask Chef Phyllis: My daughter came over the other day and said, “Remember when you could buy a good date-nut bread in the supermarket?” I thought yes, I do. And then, without blinking an eye, we went and looked for a recipe card that my mom gave me when I first got married, and it […]

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

I’m pretty sure I’ve confessed this before to all you readers, but here I go again: I’m one of those people. I enjoy holiday leftovers far more than the original meal itself. And not simply because when there’s leftovers I have one less dinner to prepare (though occasionally that’s a welcome break). It’s just that […]

Sour Cream-Einkorn Coffee Cake with Pears, Walnuts, and Cardamom

Now that fall is upon us in full force, my last yearnings for the crisp and cool flavors of summer have dwindled, and I’m getting into the spirit of all the wonderful, comforting, seasonal ingredients this time of year has to offer. Earthy root vegetables, hearty squash, and juicy pome fruits—the family of fruits with […]

Butter Burgers

Many moons ago, back at the turn of the century (man, that sounds totally weird!), I spent a few years in Calgary managing a cake shop in a trendy neighborhood. My boss had lots of friends in high places, which opened doors to some interesting connections for me. One opportunity that stands out from the […]