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Vitamin Rich Casserole Recipe Bonanza!


In my ongoing quest to cook nutrient dense meals, I’ve been on the hunt for that ever-wonderful dish called a casserole. As a household of one, casseroles are a real timesaver for me. They use several types of foods (even leftovers), and I can combine my favorite flavors. Best of all, I can bake casseroles […]

New Data on Your Precious Eyes!


In a recent blog post about the eye-brain connection, I detailed my own difficult battle with an eye disorder called episcleritis. Although I dealt with it successfully enough to stop using steroids, some troubling issues nevertheless remained. My continued search for a magic potion that would bring my eyes back to their original sharp focus […]

Medicinal Bone Broth for Winter’s Woes

Sick man drinking broth

Like many of us, you may wait till the last minute before you start scrambling to find an easy way to banish the first sign of the winter woes. Yes, that’s the case for many of us with too busy a lifestyle. We find ourselves unprepared to prevent the onset of a bad cold, sore […]

The 3 P’s: Preparing Pork Properly

Pork graphic

It seems that every time I put pork on the grocery list, a little voice somewhere deep inside me says, “Parasites! Parasites!” I promptly dispel the thought and remind myself to simply cook the pork to the point of being dry—and unsavory! In an effort to understand the why of this precaution and learn to […]

The Very Best One Dish Meal!

Cranberry bean

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and your taste buds simply don’t crave eggs, bacon, and toast? I’m sure you know what I mean, but if not, I’m talking about those normal foods we’ve been educated to think are the only true breakfast foods, and everything else is either […]

Belly Fat—Simplified!

Belly fat

Fourteen years after my mom passed away, I finally got around to cleaning out the boxes containing her belongings. There was lots of memorabilia, and seeing old photos of my mom spawned what I hope is a timely subject. I noticed in her photos that as she went from childhood to young womanhood to motherhood, […]

Hard Times Are a Comin!

Disaster plan

A while back, I was reminiscing about many things. I recalled a conversation my late sister-in-law told us about her grandfather who, in the late 1940s and early ’50s, was consumed with the dire predictions of the times. When the family cleaned out his home after his death, they discovered a hidden opening inside one […]

Treating Alcoholism: What’s the Missing Link?


If you or any of your family members are trapped in the obsessive cycle of alcoholism, rest assured that there are ways out of this depressive and destructive lifestyle. Alcoholism is a devastating disorder, and it’s rarely discussed in polite company or groups that cater to those seeking good health in general. As such, it […]

Fish Broth and Your Thyroid!

Fish Broth

It’s often the case that once you watch a movie or read a book the second time around, you notice new things that you simply didn’t catch the first time around! It’s a crazy phenomenon, but that’s just what happened to me recently when I reread Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell and Kaayla T. […]

Render Your Own Nutrient Dense Beef Tallow

Beef Tallow

I’d venture to say that fats, good and bad, have been one of the most talked about, written about, and discussed subjects in the last few years. Many people are still absolutely sure that saturated fat causes heart disease, cancer, and numerous other damaging problems related to plaque. From the studies of Dr. Royal Lee […]

The Eye-Brain Connection

Eye parts

I’ve needed to wear glasses since my very early childhood, but I’ve never done anything for my eyes except obediently get my yearly exam and leave with a stronger prescription than the one before. That habit abruptly stopped last year when I was visited with a serious inflammation in my left eye. The sudden redness […]

Cuppa Medicinal Tea: Growing a Medicinal Herb Garden!

Medicinal herb garden

Herbal remedies are possibly the most sought-after natural alternatives to harmful drugs and antibiotics. And guess what? They work. Yes, herbs really do help us heal and maintain our well-being. If you’re interested in growing a medicinal herb garden, this article is for you. Even if you don’t garden, you can still get the benefits […]

The YUCK Factor: I Will Not Eat Organ Meats!

Organ meats

Are you like the many people who have the “Yuck Factor” when it comes to eating organ meats? Is your reaction, “Oh no—don’t even show me that stuff! I will not eat it or even look at it! Yuck!” Yes, organ meats, also called offal, are foreign to many of us, but learning to love […]

The Warming Power of RNA

RNA warmth

If you have a consistently low body temperature below 98.6°, you may need the warming miracle of RNA (ribonucleic acid). Many of us aren’t aware that paying attention to our body temperature is one of the most important things we can do to help resolve numerous health issues. A person with a consistent low body […]

Precious, Ancient Liquid: A Primer on Essential Oil

Essential oils

My fascination with essential oils began many years ago, when I was making a meal that included lots of jalapeño peppers. Absentminded as to the power of essential oils, I proceeded to cut and scrape out the seeds with my bare hands! Within a few minutes, they were literally on fire with a type of […]

Coconut Oil for Dental Health and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Teeth X-Ray

A recent journey into the book Stop Alzheimer’s Now, by Dr. Bruce Fife, ND, led me to start telling everyone, everywhere: please read this book! There’s almost too much wonderful information to describe, so I won’t even try except to recommend that you read it and take it to heart. But for now, I want […]

Chronic and End Stage Illness: How You Can Help

End Stage

Do you have a chronically or terminally ill person in your life who you’d like to help but simply don’t know how? Do you ever wonder what you can do to make that person feel better or encourage him or her to hang in there? Years ago, after starting my small nutritional practice, I hoped […]

Super Raw Tips for Flavorful Ferments


I am deeply interested not only in your health individually but in the efficiency and welfare of your families. It is particularly important in these times of industrial and financial stress that children shall not suffer defects, which may mark and handicap them for their entire life. —Dr. Weston A. Price So wrote the author […]